No More Cruises



Unbelieveable...You say that you have a right to voice your opinion but are coming back and dogging everyone that reacts to your post and reply's. Those people have opinions too! I guess what I'm not getting is how adament you are trying to get everyone to realize cruising is not that good and not for everyone yet you are on a cruise lovers board. =huh Am I missing something here? I think you are forgetting these people are "@ddicts" You are on the wrong board.


I cannot believe how upset some people get when a cruiseline has to change a port due to weather. I booked my cruise on the Valor a year in advance and also did a lot of research on the ports I was interested in. We chose the Valor going to Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I have been twice to Grand Cayman and Cozumel and loved these ports and this is part of the reason we chose this itinerary. I found out about a month or so ago that Carnival was cancelling Cozumel, due to the hurricane, and substituting it with Costa Maya. Was I disappointed? Yes I was because I love Cozumel but I didn't let it spoil my trip and did research on Costa Maya. By the way, I originally planned on missing this port because it didn't seem all that interesting but after reading some great reviews on it I changed my mind. Well, I was on the Valor last week and Costa Maya was our last stop and guess what? Due to bad weather it was cancelled. Again was I disappointed? Yes because I was looking forward to it but I realize that that's a chance you take when you cruise. I'd rather miss a port and be safe than having the captain risk lives by trying to dock the ship. We had a great relaxing day at sea and made the best of it. Carnival cannot control the weather. I would think that when booking people should realize this and understand that you may not end up where you originally wanted to go. If you can't handle that then don't book a cruise! Carnival gave us each $25 pp credit and in my opinion they really don't have to. Again it's not their fault when bad weather occurs. I was glad to have the $50 credited to our cabin and bought some pictures and had a yummy froo froo drink with it. Bad weather can occur on a land vacation too...what are you going to do? Blame the hotel? Every vacation is what you make of it and if you look for the bad and complain about it you will have a bad time.


Well, I guess I won't be seeing Cherie on a cruise any time soon. That suits me fine because the only complaint I have about cruising is the people who complain too darned much.

Last cruise there was a guy complaining to a waiter in the Martini bar because the ship was not receiving a satellite feed from CBS and he was missing the NCAA final four. If he wanted to see the game that badly perhaps he should have planned his vacation on a different date? Like the waiter had some control over that anyway =huh

Cherie is right. Cruising is not for everyone (obviously not for her) but it is for me and for almost all of us here. By the way, I am proud to add the 15 cruises I have been on to my signature and I'll keep on adding them as long as there's room. Not because I'm better than anyone else....just because I can. :thumb

By the way, of those 15 cruises I have missed only 1 port when it was to rough to tender at Labadee. Instead the captain took us to Nassau and we had a great time there.

Dan Lynch

And whats wrong with Aruba??? Was there a week ago on the Destiny. All in a all great day of snorkelling and shopping and since we didn't leave until 11 p.m. there was even a little extra time for site seeing. Yes, it is expensive....the $20 we paid for the taxi to the beach was rectified when we took the $2. bus ride back to the ship.
As far as the negativity towards cruising...get over it. I have been a faithful beach all inclusive person for years until my last trip on the Valor in January. This was a family holiday with the kids so when the opportunity to take a adult only vacation came up I jumped at it. For the overall value, you cannot argue that you get more for your buck on a cruise. I know, I am Mr. Cheap when it comes to this sort of thing. I hate parting with my money!! I don't drink and I don't gamble and I don't eat until I can't anymore....but I still like the cruise option. I travel at night, I wake up in a new port. I have a nice breakfast and dinner availiable when I want it and I can be as busy or as quiet as I want. I can take a pre arranged trip or I can go it on my own....what more could you ask for?


I love it! Good Post! I agree totally. We are going on the Miracle next October for our Honeymoon. I've been on a cruise once before to Bermuda, great ship, the Princess Lines. This time with my DH, his first time. I just want to cruise, and I get sea sick (ie. the username). Doesn't matter where we go, though, I am looking forward to seeing SanJuan and St. Thomas and the dolphins in Tortoli. Even though, my husband may be a hard ?ss sometimes, but he'll have fun.

Just my two cents.


[quote Mr. Utley]OK, now we ARE talking down to you :grin but do you really expect people who regularly post on a cruise board to agree that cruising sucks? I remember when my journalist friend, Mukk Rakir, came on this board soliciting horror stories for an article he was too lazy to research for himself. He, too, was shocked that all he got were testimonials to cruising. If you are looking for empathy, log on to =sinking[/quote]


#27 are my =twocents ... my husband and I don't drink. We do gamble some.
Our sail and sign card bill is usually outrageous - by our standards - partly because we love to buy good pictures of ourselves to give to our family members...none of which live nearby. We spent years going to Hawaii on land vacations and loved every minute of it. In 1997 my husband finally convinced me to leave our sons in the care of their older sister and try a cruise. We went on the Fantasy...short cruise to the Bahamas and Freeport...neither of those ports thrilled us. We were very frustrated when we left the ship...why? Because we couldn't fit in all the activities they had planned that we had wanted to. So what did we do? We booked a longer cruise. We have enjoyed every port since...some more than others. We love only unpacking once. We love the service we receive. We love the way the ship it's great for sleeping. We liked the variety of music and shows...all already paid for.
However...I do understand that some people just don't care for cruising. We did go on a cruise we didn't enjoy as much as others...on a different cruise line than Carnival. We will probably go on that line again someday...if we ever tire of Carnival.

The thing that concerns me about your post is that people may be in situations where they can't get their money back...and here is someone telling them they are absolutely going to hate cruising. After reading a post like yours they might fret because they spent all this money and now someone said it's not worth it. That's going to take away from their "true" first time cruise experience.

Everyone should have an opportunity to decide for themselves whether cruising is for them or not....just as you have done. I'm surprised you went on two cruises. At least now you can say you prefer land vacations and give reasons why by comparison.


I think all posts; both positive and negative have value. If I'm trying to decide on a specific ship or itinerary, all feedback is helpful. It is not to difficult to read between the lines and realize who is giving a fair assessment of their cruise and someone just venting for whatever reason. Please keep all post coming, even the negative ones.

Mr. Utley

Yes, it's one of the recurring topics. Another one is: Is there really topless sunbathing on the funnel deck, and isn't it terrible that dirty old men go up there and look?


I had to laugh about some folks being mad about missing ports because of a hurricane. I have to ask them, whatcha gonna do when that hurricane hits Cancun?

At least a ship can get out of the way and you still get a vacation. Why hasn't anyone done a horror story on those land loving folks "trapped" by Wilma??

Just a thought...


You can put me on a cruise ship anytime!:lol I LOVE being waited on and really enjoy the dining experiences....:king


I wouldn't care if my cruise got extended, even at sea. A vacation without being at work, or dealing with cranky kids, or barking dogs, Yeah, thats for me.



Cherie S .Please do not spend any more money on cruising. Save it for an Anger Management Class.


Cruising is for me for sure. I always just go with the flow. Sure, we do our research on the ports and ya, I might be a little dissapointed if there was something special there we wanted to do and couldn't but Heck, I'm on vacation and not at work so make the best of it. I have yet to have a bad time. Gee, I take a land vacation with the thought in mind that all might not go as planned.

Cruising is not for everyone. I"m sorry to hear you don't enjoy it. I do hope you do find a more enjoyable way to travel.


I agree, cruising is not for everyone. I go to get away from the land and everything on it, including my beloved family. I am ecstatic when my cell phone looses contact. I go for relaxation, time spent with my sister, sometimes my Mom, we enjoy long talks, good food, napping, reading, and of course all of the entertainment offered. My next cruise is in a few weeks on the Conquest, if the itenerary changes, so be it. We will rock and roll with what ever changes come our way. And lets admit, if our ports hadn't changed in the past, there are places we never would have seen otherwise! Few decisions have to be made while cruising as opposed to land trips. I like to get up and not have to discuss with anyone where we are going to eat, what stops we should make along the way...and so on!! The price for cruising cannot be beat. I am comparing this 7 day cruise to a vacation we have planned to take our Grandkids to Destin and on to ORlando, OMGOSH, it is exhorbitant!!! My h wont cruise, so I go with him on his favorite land trips and we make the best of it!! Thats what makes it so great.

For anyone who can't see the glass half full, then any trip anywhere, is futile!!!

happy cruising to everyone!!!


Cruise Addicts - did you notice that is where you are posting?
We are addicted to cruising.
I used to be addicted to the all-inclusive resorts. We tried a cruise in 1992 and had a very bad experience - 10 years later we ventured out again because it was such a bargain. Lucky for us - this experience was on the Conquest and it was great.
My DH didn't think cruising was for him. Now it is the only vacation he will consider (especially since we can no longer drink and the all-inclusives aren't such a great deal when you don't save on a big bar bill).
We never feel trapped on the ship. We don't drink and can't go out in the sun much, but we like to people watch and we love to eat and we love a good bargain.