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hmn, right now the OP is dogging people on a land lovers Cancun site for telling her how perfect a land Cancun vacation can be. I don't understand how you can blame others for not having a good time in any adversity. I can blame someone for loosing my luggage but If I become miserable and stop myself from having fun..... all on me... last I checked anyway.

finding a way to get a group of kids have fun broken down with a flat in Aruba for 2 hours in the heat... and still laughing about it 2 years later... is how you vacation well.

to me it also boils down to research... I wouldn't plunker down $5000 without it in any purchase, why do some not research with vacations???

ugh!- sorry, I had to respond inspite of myself


Wow, almost 10 months since this one came out. :lol

Thanks nimbex for keeping us posted on the OP's latest.


And to think that Cherie has NOT posted on this thread in almost 9 month. =shrug It MUST be a COLD winter night. :grin Now Mr. Utley ... PLEASE do tell about these nude sunbathing decks as I have NEVER heard about them. :lol




I get Cherie's point, but her WHINING about how she's been responded to here is just AGONIZING.

POst ur points, chat/debate, disagree (which is likely at a PRO-CRUISE forum :cool: ) but do ya have to interpret EVERY opposing view point as "talking down" ?


Los Abuelos


One less complainer in the boarding queue. Adapt and Overcome has served both the Marine Corp and us very well. It basically allows you to have a good time even if it ain't necessarily what you planned. Besides it is my humble opinion that the worst cruise is better than the worst day at work.

And after the next 40 Fridays I plan to leave work one day and get on the first ship I can book THE FOLLOWING DAY!


Will be embarking on first ever cruise in November 2007 and nothing will make this trip a disappointment....I am 67 and have never been and am excited to get the chance now..Some people just have to find fault with anything and everything..We are staying in an inside cabin to save that extra expense for fun things. Doesn't matter where I sleep..It is to me, all about getting out there and doing something "fun"... Drinking and gambling are not my thing but meeting people and enjoying my time is a priority...Some of us on fixed incomes know how to have a great time and not break the bank.....I rather read upbeat posts then all those negative comments....


#49 have a great attitude and you'll have a great time!!! You only get one first cruise, so enjoy!!!


It's been fun reading everyone's response to your claim that cruising is not for everyone, CherieS. Of course it isn't...but I have to agree with all the people who wonder why you care to post that info. on a site devoted to "cruise addicts" - and boy am I an addict. We plan to take a cruise every year the rest of our lives. We don't hit the casinos, but I did win $250 on my first bingo game (which is why my screen name is Bingoboy). We don't drink, either. We sure keep the bartenders busy, though, filling our cups with Diet Coke. We live dangerously, don't we?

There's something about a land vacation that doesn't appeal after having been on at least a week's cruise. I don't know whether it's the sound of waves while sleeping with your balcony door open at night; It might be the totally pampered feeling you get by having your stateroom tidied up twice a day; maybe it's the feeling of your family being together in one safe place (yes, in spite of the recent news stories, cruise ships are VERY safe) yet being able to do separate activities whenever you want. I just can't think of a vacation you can take in which you experience land excursions, days at sea, amazing shows, shopping, music, rock climbing, mini-golfing, swimming, classes, endless food, fitness center, shuffleboard, movies, cozy staterooms...all without worrying about cabs, maps, parking the car, finding a hotel, getting lost, looking for a restaurant, feeling like you're being ripped off.

Once you move into a cruise ship for a week or more, there's almost a magical feeling that takes over. You don't have to be drunk to feel it. Like a summer camp at sea, cruising brings a lot of fun people together. Last summer, we ate dinner with a family from the east coast (we're from Dallas) who had been on 32 different cruises. Just think of the people and places they've experienced. Can't wait till I can say I've been on 32 cruises to all parts of the world!

Sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you give it another try some day. My 10-year-old son still folds towels into animals just like they do on ships, because it reminds him that we only have about 99 days till our next cruise!


Wow, this thread is now over a year old! Sure has gotten some mileage. Original post was april 2 last year.


Someone on one of our threads posted this site for us to go see and I too am surprised it's still up and running and that the NY Times even posted about it. WOW.

Too funny.