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No more Lobster on RCCL?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Jeana, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. jetblue

    jetblue Guest

    Jeana, the food was nothing special in the dining room. It was certainly better than anything I could cook but there was nothing spectacular. Usually there is always at least one dish I fall in love with but nothing to write home about on this cruise.
  2. Jeana

    Jeana Guest

    Unfortunately this seems to be the trend now....... :(
  3. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Just returned from Mariner yesterday, Lobster was served, and it was pretty darned good. Steward brought seconds without even asking.

    They had it listed under Fishermans Plate. Lobster and Shrimp.
  4. reggae

    reggae Guest

    Here are the facts....

    Lobster will only be served on cruises of seven days or more. Nothing has changed on those cruises.
  5. daltonron

    daltonron Guest

    I just completed a 5 night cruise on the Navigator of the Seas (Jan 14 - Jan 19, 2008) and there was no lobster served in the main dining room. I asked our waiter and he said that RCCL was no longer serving lobster.
  6. jetblue

    jetblue Guest

    That's funny daltonron, I just completed a 4 day cruise on the Navigator of the Seas, Jan 10-14th and I asked my waiter and he told me to go fishing off the back of the ship! :)D
  7. reggae

    reggae Guest

    The waiters on the five-day (and shorter) cruises are upset that the lobster is gone from their cruises. They now have to come up with their own explanations as to why?

    But it is still available on cruises that are 7 days or more. This change took effect the first of the year. (We did get lobster on our 5-day cruise on the Navigator in November, 2007)

    I've never been on a short Carnival cruise...do they serve lobster on their short cruises? Just wondering???
  8. jetblue

    jetblue Guest

    Reggae, one of the reasons I like Carnival is because in huge bold letters in all their brochures they clearly state that Lobster is served as a main course on every single voyage.
  9. chip52

    chip52 Guest

    We had Lobster on our 7 night Navigator of the Seas in December, but No Lobster on our 14 night Northern Europe cruise on Jewel of the Seas in September. On the Jewel it was only available in the specialty restaurants we were told, which we thought was rubbish. So I think it depends on the ship.
  10. reggae

    reggae Guest

    Chip52, you are correct. They seem to have no lobster on the European cruises. They are saying it's because of shortages in Europe? Who knows?

    But all Caribbean cruises of seven days or more, will have lobster.

    jetblue....that is very interesting about Carnival. So they have it on three-day cruises too? I wonder if they will follow RCI, and remove it from short cruises?
  11. jetblue

    jetblue Guest

    Yes reggae, whenever you watch a long video advertisement or read through their brochures Carnival always states that Lobster is always served on one night. I got so used to it I almost expected it on RCI and I kind of was disappointed that it was never served in the main dining room onboard the Navigator.
  12. Jeana

    Jeana Guest

    What about Alaska cruises? Lobster or no lobster???
  13. Mmketeer

    Mmketeer Guest

    Hi I just got off the Navigator and I never saw a lobster at dinner. It wasn't on the menu, so I'd say the rumor is true....NO MORE LOBSTER AT DINNER. :(
  14. lady_rattler

    lady_rattler Guest

    Definitely must be hit or miss....just returned from a 6 night Jewel of the Seas 1/20-1/26 and we had lobster on the second formal night under the heading "Fisherman's Plate".....food was as good as I remembered it. Carved ham was also served during breakfast. Felt a little pressured to buy drinks, though.
  15. FranD

    FranD Guest

    Personally I am glad to see smaller portions, if I want more I can order it but don't feel bad about wasting food. Cheers!
  16. Libby

    Libby Guest

    The last several RCCL cruises we were on (Enchantment, 5 nights, Labor day ......BR, 12 nights, Europe, MJ 4 nights, Nov
    AD 7 nights in Dec) all had lobster. They were the smaller ones (on the Fisherman's platter), but I agree with one of the previous
    posters ...... I eat way to much anyway, so I'm happier with the smaller lobster and can always have a second one if I like.
  17. Quate

    Quate Guest

    We had shrimp and lobster on the Enchantment of the Seas in Oct. I really enjoyed it! They offered to get us seconds but that would have been way too much food. I thought the food was great, and a great value. Also, they have the midnight buffets (chocolate, Caribbean night). Where can you go and get so much food, and choices, and your hotel room (even though very small) is all included for the prices they charge??? To expect even more for those prices is unrealistic. The people are fantastic! If they would cut out the lobster from the menu I don't think I could possibly miss it with so many other choices.
  18. Quate

    Quate Guest

    We had lobster on the Enchantment of the Seas in October. It was very good. We were offered seconds but couldn't even think about eating more! If they don't serve lobster I would never miss it! The food was great and I enjoyed everything we had. All that food that is included in the price is unbelievable!! Besides the the breakfasts and lunch the midnight buffets as well as an option. Wow, that chocolate buffet is amazing!!!
    If the have lobster- that's just icing on the cake. On these cruises you can have your cake and eat it too!

    Set sail in 10 days!!! WOO HOO!!!
  19. BillG35

    BillG35 Guest

    Lobster is still being served on RCI cruises. Most everyone at our table got extras last week on Legend of the Seas. It seems that every time something is missing from a particular cruise, someone decides that it has been eliminated throughout the fleet. More times than not, that generalization proves to be false. The "No more Lobster on RCCL" is one such recurring theme.
  20. Quate

    Quate Guest

    Just came back from the Enchantment of the Seas 4 day (Nassau, Key West, & Coco Cay) cruise.
    We didn't get lobster but we didn't miss it! Lots of great food choices -

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