noise level in relation to cabin lacation on the Celebrity "Mercury"



I posted this over on the Main C-@ board this morning and only now remembered that the Cruise Line board was available as well.
So, if you don't mind me repeating myself, here goes:

Hello all,

Just got our cabins confirmed for the 8 November sailing on the "Mercury," cabins 8179 and 8181.

As I am a light sleeper, I have a question for you old salts and former cruisers on this fair ship about the noise levels from the surrounding decks.

To get your bearings, we are on the Panorama Deck, port side, aft of the Grand Foyer.
The deck above us is the Fortunes Casino.
The deck below us is the kitchen for the Manhattan Restaurant.

Will we have a noise problem, because, if so, I need to change our rooms ASAP!



Rick & Kathy

I was on the sister ship Century in January. Our room was right under the aerobics area, and if you are going to get noise I think this would be a prime location. My wife and I were worried about be disturbed early in the morning. Never heard a peep or thump from the workouts. I can only assume the Mercury would be the same. I understand the only noise problems come from being to close to the engines


You will have noise problems. On the Mercury we were under the kitchen and every morning they would have the mixer on at 5 AM and it sounded like it was coming down the side of the ship to our room. We used ear plugs and still woke us up 5 of the 7 nights.

I was also on the Galaxy and right under the pool deck where the band played. On the nights there were late parties on the deck they would play until 1 AM and we heard every bass line clearly.

I would recommend that you choose a room with cabins above and below you if you really are sensative and a light sleeper.


Marion Paris

We are on the Continental deck, midship on the Mercury in November.

Do you think we will hear the engines down that low on the ship?


If you are on the Panorama Deck on the Mercury, there are cabins above you so noise shouldn't be a problem. We were over the casino on the Century & had no problems with noise.
Enjoy your cruise!!!!!


We are also on the panorama deck. The deck above is all state rooms. The deck
under does have the casino. The kitchen is three decks down on plaza deck.