Noordam 1/17/03 Sold Out!



Well I've been trying to talk myself into booking this 16 day cruise from Mobile because of the fabulous itinerary and because I live 30 minutes from the port. I just went to the HAL website to check cabin availability and learned that the cruise is fully booked with a wait list. Guess it's back to the drawing board.


Being the Noordam is an older ship with some reported deficiencies (that vary from report to report), HAL offers some great prices with terrific itineraries as incentive for people to book this less modern ship. She does have a loyal following though...and there are many who are able to overlook a few inconveniences as they really love that ship.

You might get lucky....check back in a few days and maybe someone who had a hold on a cabin did not put down their deposit.

Good luck if you have decided you would like to get on that cruise. Hope it works out for you.