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Noordam 2/03 Question

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by gdk, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. gdk

    gdk Guest

    I will be cruising on the Noordam for a 14 day southern caribbean cruise. I am wondering what has been the experience of others regarding the number of formal, semi-formal and casual evenings on a 14 day cruise. While I understand the dress code for formal nights, I am wondering what both men and women actually wear on the semi-formal nights. Any thoughts would be appreciated since this will be my first cruise.
  2. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    What you call "semi-formal".....is actually referred to as Informal on HAL. That means jacket for the gentlemen with tie optional; ladies wear cocktail dresses or dressier pant suits.

    For a fourteen day cruise, there will probably be four formal nights and at least three Informal. When you receive your documents, it will specify the breakdown.
  3. anna

    anna Guest

    Hi ....Well we will be with you on this cruise...we are 2 fun loving crazy canadians who love to throw "martoonie parties" Travelling this year with another couple as well...Now we will be on board for 14nts that means .....4 formal....4 semi formal. and the rest is smart casual....My husband wants to assure you that a Tux is not necessary ever and he for one and our friends do not do this attire...Frankly I would love to see him all gussied up , but for him dark suit for formal, and a sports coat for informal and a golf shirt for casual.....Unless they have changed their itenery and it may state 3 formal nights and 3 semi, it will definetly not be any less...Hope this helps...We are also going down the night before(never know with our weather) and it gives us a chance to collect ourselves and not be in a rush and exhausted the 1st day of cruising.. If you get and opportunity look us up and introduce yourselves.....the best always anna and brian
  4. anna

    anna Guest

    Just a thought,,, anna_mcdonnell @hotmail.com is my address,,, we have been cruising for 20yrs and actually have been on the Ms Noordam 9yrs ago. At that time we were in cabins around the corner from the "crows nest" on the top deck...This time however we are booked into #716 on B deck because of the size...The reviews of this ship have been mixed but being the optomistic soul that I am. here we go anyway and no matter we are going to love every minute of it...So feel free to get in touch if you want to know anymore about the ship or us....the best always anna and brian

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