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Nordic Empress

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by chrisyB96, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    My husband and I are sailing this sunday on the Nordic Empress. Has asnybody gone on this ship and could anyone tell me about it. Also I'm confused as to how many formal nights are on a 7 night cruise. I thought there was only one. Can anybody help with this?
  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    The last time I sailed on the Empress was in 1995, then it was a shorter cruise doing the Bahamas. On a seven day cruise there are usually 2 formal nights with the rest being casual. The Empress is a smaller ship, but it's wonderful. You'll have a wonderful time. What itinerary is the ship doing now?
  3. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    The Nordic Empress is a beautiful ship. It is a smaller one, which is one of the reasons it is my favorite. The atrium is really nice with waterfalls and glass elev. The pool area is very nice with 3 covered hot tubs. There is another hot tub in the entrance to the spa if you want to be inside with a/c. The dinning room is 2 level with windows all around. The casino is called 3 level, but it is really 2 full levels with a little area in the middle that really can't be called a whole floor. But it is a nice casino. What kind of cabin do you have? Also deck 6 is great , you can walk all the way around the ship, it is a great place to get some fresh air and take a stroll outside after dinner. Hope you enjoy the Nordic as much as we do.

    Laurie :wave
  4. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    I almost forgot yes there are 2 formal nights onboard.

    Laurie :wave
  5. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    Thanks for the reply. The itinerary right now is bermuda but in the winter months the ship goes to the bahamas
  6. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    our cabin is on the commodore deck in the middle of the ship. Being that this ship is a bit smaller how rough is the ride through tthe atlantic to bermuda?
  7. herb

    herb Guest

    The Nordic Empress was docked next to us in NY when we sailed on the Norwegian Sea. I was jealous. The Nordic Empress looked very nice, with windows being washed. She looked "clean as a whistle". Enjoy your cruise.
  8. CruzinJoan

    CruzinJoan Guest

    You'll love the Nordic. She's a fine ship with a fantastic crew.
    Last few sailings I was on there were two formal nights, two smart casual, and the rest casual.
    Normal seas, you won't feel much if any movement; but sailing out of NY Harbor can be a little rough at times. If you're prone to seasickness, you might want to take something.
    I've been on the ship 22 times, and to Bermuda about 10 times. If I can answer any other questions, email me.
  9. A&J

    A&J Guest

    You will love this ship. We were just on the Voyager a hugh ship it was great,but I still enjoyed the Nordic Empress just as much. The crew and fellow cruisers are just as wonderful. The entertainment is just as great, the food is just as great. the size is such as you might actually talk to the same people more than once.It is a beautiful ship, we sailed on her last June and the June before and hope to go again. Relax you will have a great time. Two formals, one smart casual, and the rest casual. Most seemed to wear their most formal outfits on the first formal. And the majority does wear formal.
  10. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    Our first cruise was on Nordic Empress for our 25th anniversary, Nov.7,95 which happened to be RCCL's 25th also. That evening at dinner all the tables had champagne served, so we just pretended that the entire ship was celebrating with us. The ship was beautiful, and I gather she still is from the posts I've seen. Enjoy, and Bon Voyage. :wave :wave
  11. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    Today is my sailing day!!! We are so excited! Thank you all for your postings as soon as I get bak I'll let you know how it went!
  12. chrisyB96

    chrisyB96 Guest

    Well I just got back sunday from the best vacation i've had! We had a great time. The boat is beautifula nd the food fantastic! The entertainment was great! My husband and I are exhausted. We saw every show and played every game on board. We rarely missed a show! Dan Dan the party man was great! So was right on Ryan! As well as Tracey! Rico made Bingo extra fun with his corny jokes that you just had to laugh at. We can't wait to go back! :)
  13. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    Did RCCL change the ship's name?
  14. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    The Nordic Empress is now called the Empress of the Seas (to fit in with RCCL's "of the seas" ship-naming method. We are going in December to the Deep Carib--as far south as Venezuela! The ship recently underwent refurbishment, tho I don't know what was done to it. I am happy to hear good things about this ship and crew.
  15. myfuzzy

    myfuzzy Guest

    My husband and I just came back from the 8 night from Bayonne to Bermuda. Having no information on this ship that had just been refurbished and heard from no one that had recently been on, well, scary. We arrived in Bayonne at noon and people were still disembarking. We had to get a train back at noon when we returned and were worried we wouldn't make it because all the reviews that we had read before the refurbishment no one could make their flights because they never got off the ship until mid afternoon. However this was the end of Ivan and there had been a serious rain storm and that delayed the disembarkation. So we enter and in moments we were escorted to an area where we waited unitl 1 p.m. to get on the ship. The only wonder we had was why was the termial so far away from the ship and had to be bussed and then had to climb a four story stair tower to enter the ship. So once we were on the ship we had to wait 2 hours to get into our cabin. we had lunch and explored the ship as much as we could with our carry ons. We finally got into our cabin and found it to be small, but adequate, very clean. We went to the life-boat drill and when we returned the jackets to our cabin our luggage still had not been recieved. It was out in the atrium area where it had been since 2 pm. We just took it and no one seemed to notice it. So if somone else had taken it-----would have anyone cared??? However, we soon got underway. We found the ship to be very clean, easy to find our way around , enough activities if we were interested. Our waitstaff was wonderful,fed us more than we could hold, entertaining and attentive. Even though we were a table of two. We ate in the speciality restaurant one night. The staff there equally attentive and accommodating. Entertainment was, well, entertaining. The casino was nice, so were to two lounges. We had a very relaxing week. We talked to the front desk about eary disembarkination, no problem. We had to be in the first 25 off the ship, made our connections with pleanty of time. NO problems. We had no problems with this ship and will sail it again.
  16. APB513

    APB513 Guest

    Thank you for your review of the Empress of the Seas. I am taking a Christmas cruise on the Empress and I am happy to read a positive review. I had read so many negative stories about the ship that it is nice to know you had a good experience.
  17. OceansHwy

    OceansHwy Guest

    We'll be boarding the Empress in a few weeks. Don't take the "negative stories" too seriously. Usually the people with a beef (real or imagined) are the ones who make a lot of posts.

    APB513 Wrote:
    > I had read so many negative stories about the ship
    > that it is nice to know you had a good experience.
  18. vlnovak

    vlnovak Guest

    I am in cabin 8686. do you know anything about this such as does it have a sitting are and is there much noise and smoke back there. we are on the jan 2006 sailing out of san juan. thanks vicki
  19. myfuzzy2

    myfuzzy2 Guest

    I agree totally, the only time people take to time to send a message is if they are just nitpicking to hold a forum. I always take information in hand and go into something with a totally open mind. When chosing a cruise, you have to take into account, time of year and cruise line. If you are a senior the last thing you would book is Carnival in the summer, If everyone does their homework, their cruise vacation would be just what they expect and aways would have a wonderful time. Hav e a great week on the Empress.
  20. myfuzzy2

    myfuzzy2 Guest

    What do you mean by "smoke"

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