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Norovirus alert

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Sestra, May 20, 2003.

  1. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    I just read that the Norwegian Sky (my ship too, dang it!) experienced that cruise illness, with about 60 pssengers and crew coming down with symptons. Anyone hear of any other instances of ships' infections in the Alaska area?
  2. April

    April Guest

    Well I have heard about this too----- but it is also local new here in CA where I live-- a farily local nursing home has an outbreak too-- with about half the patients and staff showing symptoms---- I had almost forgot about it----
    Alaska has been know for the flu---- especially amoung elderly passengers
    Take care and wash your hands and things should be ok
  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    The ship left for Alaska on Sunday again. The reports here vary in numbrs of 8 sick to the largest number that I've seen, from Sestra in the post above. Regardless if you consider the number of people on that ship it's not a terrible number. The real test will be when it returns to Seattle on the weekend. Wash your hands/don't touch handrails/wash your hands/don' t use elevators.... wash your hands,,, wash your hands.......
  4. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    April, Alaska is NOT known for this flu. It is brought on board ship outside of Alaska.
  5. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    Thanks! I plan on bringing sani-gel and moist towelettes, and to not let this ruin a great vacation. Yes, I see where the ship has sailed once more, and the reported illnesses were not so bad compared to the 1000s on board.

    Bon Voyage, to anyone sailing before me (Sept 20th, last sailing for the Sky there this season) :)
  6. April

    April Guest

    Chippsetter-- what I ment was in the past-- way before the Norwalk virus--with large outbreaks of the flu---- sorry for any confusion--- I truely hope no one gets sick--- from anything when they cruise or otherwise/
    Cheers all
  7. worfsmom

    worfsmom Guest

    Chipsetter....I loved your response. That's the way we feel in Toronto right now.
    SARS......what alot of hoopala about nothing. We live with virus's everyday......granted the "flu" is more damaging.........esp on the elderly. Guess there'll be alot of body bags on my upcoming Alaskan Cruise (ha). Our winters are cold, and damp here (anywhere from 5-38 degrees, with tons of snow......how cold will I be in Alaska in Sept? I'm thinking "not very"?

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