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Norway cruise cam

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Baystate, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    It appears that the cam has stopped and is pushed off to one side. Maybe she is at Lands End, England. One can only hope.
  2. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    I've been concerned about that all day. There has been discussion about it on several boards. No one seems to know what is going on. The last correct time on the cam had her one time zone west of England, so she still had a ways to go. The cam doesn't refresh nor does the time change. Time to start worrying...
  3. I don't know if it's time to start worrying or if the camera is just simply stuck (broken) I would think if something was really wrong the media would have picked up on this by now. The pic hasn't changed since very early yesterday morning, probably about 28 hours ago. Let's hope we know something more soon. What other boards have you been reading? I only saw reference on CC. would love to read some others.

  4. CruisinTex, still would like to know some other boards, but any worries were in vain.She has been looking great since early afternoon and now has changed time zones again. I think this indicates she is in English waters. Hope we see her in dry dock with in the next 72 hours. praise to the Blue Lady!!!!!

  5. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Nita, just saw this, sorry for the delay in responding. I visit about 5 or 6 boards every day...lurk on all of them and only post on this board. Perhaps I should have used the word "few" rather than "several"...there are 3 others besides this board, so a total of 4. The CC board is, by far, the most active in tracking her progress across the Atlantic. CruiseMates had a discussion in the beginning, when she first left Miami if I remember correctly, and someone even posted a list of ships that sunk while under tow (oh, how depressing!!) CruiseCrazies had a discussion in the beginning with a link to a Miami newspaper article about her being towed. Or maybe I have that backwards...Mates had the newspaper article and Crazies had the list of sunk ships. I'm thrilled that her cam is working again and hope you're right...dry dock within 72 hours. I'll feel much better when someone posts "LAND HO FOR THE SS NORWAY". Can't wait to get on the Blue Lady for the first time.
  6. cruizenTex, thanks for the input. Of course, as you probably know I am on CC at least a couple times a day flapping my big mouth. Haven't yet tried CruiseCrazies. I too read the list of ships that have sunk along with comments on one of the boards that NCL might deliberately sink her. people do have strange ideas in my estimation anyway. If they really had no intention of sailing her again, they could have simply said "guess what, she isn't worth fixing" they would have collected the insurence money and gone on their way. Anyway, looks like the stupid camera is stuck again. Checked early this morning and she had crossed another date line (guess the late one) now says the same time it did 3 hours ago. Oh well: let's just get her to dry dock. NMNita
  7. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    NMNita, Crazies was started by some people who got banned from CC. Several very active posters from this board also joined that board a few months ago. Yes, I've read lots of your posts on CC - you have a way of calming people down when things get a little too "hot" over there. I think the fear of Norway sinking in the Atlantic was due more to fear that she wasn't repaired "good enough" to make the trip; at least that's why I was worried. I'm sure many others were thinking about a deliberate sinking, although you have some very valid points against deliberate sinking . The comments made on CC under Mr. T's thread when the webcam went down 2 days ago had me cracking up (i.e., they don't want us to see them cutting the tow rope, don't want us to see them unloading the ship, etc.) Been working my backside off all day and haven't had a chance to check the cam...will go do that now and if it's not back to normal I'll just fix myself a good stiff drink and start worrying again! :cheers
  8. cruisintex, I signed onto cruisecrazies today. Am so adicted it's not funny. As for our big blue lady she is back on course. I swear I saw land late this afternoon, but maybe I needed a drink at the time. Just got back from Moose and had my share so guess that's it for me. By the way, where in Texas are you or were you? I am guessing the name refers to the great state of Texas!!!! Now stop worrying so much.

  9. Sandieh

    Sandieh Guest

    Hi Nita, been off line for a while as have just moved and only just got around to checking the sites. Just looked at the web cam and going by the weather here at the moment (I live in the southeast of england) it corresponds with what is showing on the web cam, so hopefully our Ship is not too far away. I still have every confidence that we will be on that January sailing and sipping champagne while we leave Miami. I too feel that NCL has had every opportunity of not going ahead with the repairs if that was their intention.

    Good sailing one and all

  10. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    She's looking good this morning. Looks like very nice weather and calm seas. I'm still wondering about the time, though. She hasn't crossed into that final time zone that puts her on England time. Or maybe she has and the clock on the camera needs to be manually reset and someone forgot??? Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see land today.

    Nita, I live in Austin...in the middle of the state, capital of Texas, home of the Univ. of Texas, and known around here as The Allergy Capital of the World.

    Sandieh - which sailing are you on in January? My sister and I are on January 25.
  11. Cruisintex, Austin, huh? We lived 13 years just a bit northwest of Dallas. Have been in NM 2 years and wouldn't return to TX for anything except to visit the kids and grand kids who are almost grown anyway. I do miss lots about TX, the shopping, the restaurants, but not the weather. I am showing the clock 6 hours ahead of here, which is 4 hours ahead of eastern time. someone on cc board said that puts her in Englands time zone. Heck I can't keep track of all this, but we do know she is moving right along, we will cruise in Jan, just like you only 3 weeks sooner.

  12. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Good morning, Nita. We were in London last April for pre-cruise and London was 6 hours ahead of Texas (Central) time, which makes it 5 hours ahead of Eastern time. I double-checked my World Time Zone website last night to make sure it's still 6 hours from here and it is. So she still has one more time zone to go. I'll be soooo glad when she finally gets there. I hate Austin, but we have good jobs here and the kids are here. Kids are grown and out but neither one is married yet. We're gettin' the heck outta Austin when we retire, that's for sure!
  13. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Nita, I just checked the cam again. She's 5 hours ahead of Texas time for sure. One interesting thing I noticed. The tow boat has been on her port side the entire trip and within the past 45 minutes has moved to her starboard side. Maybe this is an indication that they're making a turn and heading to land???? Maybe this is an indication that I've become obsessed with the cam and need to get a life??? :dizzy :dizzy
  14. My family knows I need to get a life. Good news always, when dh is on the golf course he doesn't know how long I am playing so, I make the bed, pick up a little and maybe fill the washer with a batch of laundry. Then it's here I come baby. The dog always lets me know when DH pulls into to garage. I have time to turn my baby off before he gets in. Now have a toast tonight to the NORWAY.

  15. RestLess

    RestLess Guest


    Can someone please post the address for the Norway cruise cam? Also, any updated news on her would be appreciated!

  16. tokathy

    tokathy Guest

    Sorry.....The Norway cruise cam is no longer in operation.......
  17. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    The Norway cam is turned off until repairs are completed. I have a web cam address for the ship yard in Bremerhaven but it's very hard to see her. It's www.ilmenau.baw.de/ftp/wsa-bhv/test/webcam/start_reload30.html. Sorry, I don't know how to make it clickable. Norway is at the top of the picture towards the right.
  18. RestLess

    RestLess Guest

    Thank you guys sooo much!
  19. aanowako20

    aanowako20 Guest

    Thanks for the link.

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