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Norway Explosion

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by tokathy, May 25, 2003.

  1. tokathy

    tokathy Guest

    Does anyone have any information on the explosion this morning on the Norway? I heard a brief blurb on the news and unfortunately there were a few crew fatalities.
  2. kimberlite66

    kimberlite66 Guest

    Cnn.com has an article... how sad. I was just thinking, it was this weekend, Memorial Day, two years ago that the Norway was held in port for the sprinkler issue. Odd coincidence!.
  3. DJD

    DJD Guest

    I just wanted to chime in and say a word. I was on the Norway during the explosion. Everything was handled extremely well and organized while on the ship. After getting off the ship things were pretty crazy and unorganized but that is to be expected since this is not a normal kind of thing. Unfortunately there were still the people who were complaining and whining about having to stand at the lifeboat stations for so long and complain about the extremely unorganized process on shore. I felt like getting in their faces and yelling at them, "Don't you understand that there are people who are now dead because of that explosion and you're complaining about having to stand around for a couple of hours!!!!!!" I didn't do that though.
    Anyway, the cruise was still amazing. It was a great week and hopefully I will have the opportunity to cruise on the Norway again.
  4. DJD, thanks for the input. I for one am so happy no passengers were injured. My heart goes out to the families of the crew members killed and injured. I guess there will always be whinners out there who think their lives are more important than any other lives. I just pray for the Norway and everyone involved in this turn of events. Hope you cruise was wonderful before the last hours.

  5. DJD-I too was on that ship when the explosion happened, close enough to the explosion to have been knocked to the floor from the blast. I do not think it was handled well, we were at Port and our lives were left in danger as we were standing at our life stations, we should have been taken off of the buring ship. Dont play games about it
    I am so sorry for the families of those lost and injured, but do not downplay the fact that you were kept on a burning ship. Your life was in danger as well.
  6. yourshortround, aren't you glad you are safe and not one passenger was injured. Get over it!!!! I believe NCL did all they could to get everyone to shore as quickly as possible. The most important thing is NOT what could of happened, it didn't. The most important thing is YOU and all other passengers were safe.

  7. Guess no one has any news about the progress on the plans to repair the Norway. Anyone have any ideas? It's been nearly a week since anyone has been on the NCL board here. come on friends or foes. Where are you?

  8. Emerald777

    Emerald777 Guest

    Newmexiconita - Hi! Emerald here from VW. Small world, huh? I'm taking a cruise in Sep on RCCL and was just checking out the message boards when I saw your name and thought I'd say HI!
  9. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    I've been checking on the Norway everyday and there was a statement made by NCL today. Unfortunately, an eighth crew member has passed away and the NTSB and Coast Guard have released the ship to NCL. She will be transferred to a shipyard soon.
  10. ok Emerald, you win; I must be having a mental block cause VW isn't ringing a bell. Which RCL ship are you sailing? If the Norway doesn't return to the Eastern Caribbean we are looking at the Rapsedy or possibly Costa for our Jan cruise. I have no reason to to think the Norway will not be repaired, just keeping our options open.

    Happy cruisin and get back to me.

  11. Emerald777

    Emerald777 Guest

    NewMexicoNita - VW = Vegas Watch!
  12. Emerald, Vegas Watch, guess the year on catching up with me. I thought VW Bus, no, what does that have to do with cruising? VW, maybe West Virginia turned around, I have family there plus friends I have met on cruises, but didn't think so, now it hits. Thanks, so what ship and itinerary are you using and why not Vegas?LOL. Of course we have to get away from Vegas now and then. Our two favorite vacations as you know: Vegas and cruising. I think Vegas wins out by a thumb nail. Keep in touch and have a good cruise. I found Irishmick on another board today. What a small world we live in with the invention of the internet!!!!!!!!!!!! Nita

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