Norway Refunds?



See, I did get a full refund, and I got a certificate in the mail for $50 off per person up to $100 off of my next NCL cruise if it is booked within a year of the date on the certificate which was dated two months before I got it. It does not matter to me when it expires as I will not use it, but it would be nice if NCL would have mailed it early enough that I would have had closer to a full year to use it if I had wished to. Oh well... I just thought it was interesting.


My problem wasn't with the cancelled Norway sailings, but still we had a problem getting a refund.

In January we booked back to back cruises for December for ourselves and our daughter and her husband. It took them about 2 days to take the deposit from my credit card.

Within a few weeks my daughter found out they couldn't go so I cancelled their portion through my TA. A month later I received half the deposit back for that.

In May we found out we had to cancel as well so notified TA to cancel our trips and get our refund. Also mentioned we were still waiting for rest of refund from first cancellation.

It took til the middle of July to get the refund for our cancelled part. Still nothing on the original missing refund. Apparently they were upgrading to a new accounting software or something and that was their explanation for the delay.

After many phone calls to the TA to call them, and a phone call from me directly to them, I finally received the balance of my deposit - 5 months after the initial cancellation!! What great customer service eh? I've cruised with them twice before, but would seriously have to think about it to go with them again.

Terry & Ritchie


aanowako, i am happy that you at least got a certificate i got no letter no certificate and only a credit of the monies i paid .. boooooooooooooo ncl


As many have said, I am not as upset about the cruise being cancelled as I am with how it was handled. NCL has some of the rudest customer service reps I have ever spoke with, they do things in a very untimely manner, and they took all the responsibility to handle the refunds. It would have been different if NCL had to send the certificate to my TA, but they didn't... that was done completely by them, and it was still dated 2 months prior to when I received it. They need to do things in a much more timely manner than that.