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Norway Repairs

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Baystate, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    Hello All,

    There is a ship in front of the Norway ready to to tow her to Bremerhaven for repairs, and there seems to be some rumor of her getting diesel engines instead of steam boiler repairs.
  2. Baystate, being a total illiterate when it comes to the mechanics of ships etc, can you or someone explain why she is being sent to Germany for repairs. I had heard that eleswhere and don't understand why she isn't just going to Norfolk VA or someplace like that? Just curious.

  3. Baystate

    Baystate Guest


    From what I've read, they are most familiar with her there. Her refits were done there, and they are ready to deal with the asbestos that was used to insulate the boiler. By the way, I've read today that was JUST a rumor about refitting her with diesels.
  4. Baystate, rumors, rumors. Seems like they are all over the place huh? I just read, on another board that NCL has cancelled all Oct sailings. This came from a TA who talkied to a reservations agent at NCL yesterday. I would think if there was any truth we would have heard something. Tomorrow I am going to check this out if I have a chance. Oh the other rumor is they may just let her sink on the way to Germany. That's about the most interesting one so far. If nothing else we could all write a book about the return of the "Norway" I just hope we won't have to title it "NO RETURN OF THE NORWAY" Time for me to get to bed I think; I'm getting a little to carried away.

  5. tokathy

    tokathy Guest

    I just viewed the Norway Webcam on the Cruise Cam Station and the Norway is on the move!
  6. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    Hooray!!! I had also just checked it. Now let's hope and pray that she'll be ready on time.
  7. beachmom

    beachmom Guest

    She was paying for a berth at the Miami Pier and Miami also wanted her out during hurricane season. The news down here reported she was being taken to Germany.
  8. fcw

    fcw Guest

    May just be another rumor but I heard on CNN today that a judge had to approve it's moving to Germany and that no repairs will be made until the plantiffs in the lawsuits have a chance to examine the ship & their experts and NCL has to pay for them to fly to Germany being they wanted the shipped moved before this all occurred.
  9. Sandieh

    Sandieh Guest

    Went on the NCL website lastnight and their media statement said the Norway was being towed to Lands End which will take about three weeks and that it would be decided then where the repairs would be done. Still said the October 5th sailing would be going ahead but that it would take at least a year to establish causes etc. Hope that helps.
  10. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    The Miami Herald said that the lawyer for the victims wanted to keep her in Miami until he and his team of experts could examine and photograph her. NCL and the U.S. Coast Guard argued that no time should be wasted in getting her out to sea before hurricane season started to heat up. So the lawyer and his team will be flown to Lands End in England where they'll make their inspection, and then the ship is supposedly on-to Bremerhaven, Germany for repairs.
  11. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Why Europe and not the US?

    labor costs and familiarity with the Norway
  12. I asked the same question on another board. I think it has something to do with the knowledge this particular shipyard has compared to here. At least the story is something like that. don't know for sure. NMNita

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