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norwegian dawn

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by finfan13, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. finfan13

    finfan13 Guest

    Hello all, this is my first cruise in august and am taking my family. can someone please help me with some questions?? first where do you sign up kids for the kids program? and how do i get a soda card?. next how do i make reservations at the extra fee resterauants? and lastly my kids want to go snorkeling and jet skiing at the private island. how do i make sure i can do this and where do i go to make these reservations. im sorry for asking so much but i want this to be the best for my family. any other help would be great please email me so i know. thank you again, pat
  2. MzLuLu

    MzLuLu Guest

    Hi Finfan

    I was on the Dawn for the 3/28 sailing and I must tell you, you are in for a treat. I wrote a review on the boards check it out. It was me and my husband so I didn't use kids crew or the soda card but as soon as you step on the ship there is someone there to tell you where to go to do this. Everyone is very polite and helpful so don't worry.
    As far as renting any equipment on the private island you have to wait until you get on the island to do this and again don't worry there is plenty for everyone.
    Last week the cover charge restaurants were pretty empty and you really didn't need reservations but during the summer that might be different. If you are staying in a suite you can make all your dinner reservations for the week as soon as you get on the ship. If you are staying in a standard room I think you can make your reservations 24 hrs before. If you have any questions just ask, I will be happy to answer them for you if i can.....Linda
  3. finfan13

    finfan13 Guest

    thank you! is there jet skiing on the private island or where can i do that? we are in a standard cabin hoping to upgrade. dont know if we can or not. the jet skiing is a must so i have to find out about that. this and room service seem to be my kids goals!! i hope this ship is fun and i checked out some excursions but cant seem to find prices. maybe its too far away. any must do's or must see's would be great to know. what are drink prices like on the ship?? thanks pat
  4. MzLuLu

    MzLuLu Guest

    I just responded to your post and it didn't go through. I read on another post that people did go jet skiing but in the NCL booklet it doesn't state that this is offered on the island. It does state that they have parasailing, floats to rent, paddle boats, sailboats and kayaks. We didn't get off the ship and go to the island because it was very windy and I noticed the tenders that take you from ship to island were being knocked all over the place. Besides, we're not beach people so we preferred to stay on the ship. Port side of the ship was facing the island so I stood on my balcony and watched with my binoculars.....lol.......Linda
  5. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

    I was on their private island dec. 2002 and I did not see any jet skiing. You can jet ski on Paradise Island, Bahamas near near Cabbage Beach. Take land taxi ($4.00 per person each way to just pass the Sheaton Grand Hotel. Have driver drop you off at the public beach entrance to the beach. When you reach the beach take a left and walk pass the Sheraton and toward The Atlantis Hotel. Here is were you will find vendors for jetskiis, parasailing and banana boat rides.

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  6. finfan13

    finfan13 Guest

    thank you all so much! that gives me an idea. does anyone know how the kids programs is on the dawn?? any advice on what we should bring along or anything that you would recommend us doing?? i know my kids want to see the space ships at canaveral and im hoping to take them to lunch at marino's in miami. other than that i know nothing of the ports, the ship or cruising at all. thanks pat
  7. runner15km

    runner15km Guest

    Pat, Bring plenty of sunscreen and a disposible underwater camera. Pack half the amount of cloths that you think you might need and bring 2x the amount of cash. Photocopy of your ID's. Bring a smile and a good atitude and you will do fine.
  8. megamind

    megamind Guest

    I can help you with questions when you come into our port here at Port Canaveral. You can email me or I will watch for your quetions here. I am so excited for you and the family that this will be your first cruise. One of my suggestions is to keep a diary of your trip along with lots of still and video pictures.

  9. jh

    jh Guest

    Hi, I was on the Feb. 29 sailing of the Dawn and loved it. We jet skied at the private island, I think it was around $50 for 1/2 hour, cash only. We ate at Cagney's and Le Bistro several times and usually made the reservations the day of eating there, we were pretty flexible with the times, though, because we do not mind eating later on in the evening. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  10. finfan13

    finfan13 Guest

    JH , thank you for that update about the jet ski. were they the stand up type or the sit down wave runner type?? also glad to hear you can make reservations the same day. did you call the particular resteraunt or just go to it and make the reservations. thanks pat
  11. MzLuLu

    MzLuLu Guest


    Keep in mind the Dawn might be more crowded in August then it was in February and the cover charge restaurants might fill up faster. If I were you and had a particular restaurant in mind I would book it as soon as possible when you get on the ship...............JMO.....Linda
  12. CaroleF

    CaroleF Guest

    We travelled on the Dawn during Spring Break, so there were lots of families.

    The kids programs were very popular. The children are grouped by age, with no overlap allowed. A 12 year old will not be with 13 year olds.

    The Teen Club is ages 13-18, and mostly girls. Our 13 year old son wouldn't go because he felt overwhelmed. They met in a lounge because the teen disco area was used for younger children.

    Although our son made no real friends, he loved every minute. We rarely saw him and wished we had 2-way radios. He constantly grazed the buffet (but he's still skinny).

    There was no jet skiing at the private island, but the ship was only there 1/2 day because they switched Nassau to Thursday (due to Good Friday).

    At the private island, wear water shoes. Sea urchins lurk in rocky holes very close to shore. If you have your own snorkel and mask, you don't need to pay for private island snorkling; they will provide a free float vest, but I couldn't find where. The water is very bouyant and you can just float in 3-4 feet of water and see fish!

    The Nassau snorkling excursion was great!

    In August you'll need bug repellant for the private island. Also, we're olive-skinned and still burned while using sunscreen.

  13. mariamc

    mariamc Guest

    hi we were on the dawn on feb 29. they have two sign ups for the kids crew on the day you embark. the kids program was great when we went there were a pretty even number of boys and girls. but the teenages at first girls hung out with girls and boys hung out with boys. but by the 2 nd day they were actually hanging out in groups. my 13 year old loved it. they are not in one room the whole time since they are older they do things thru out the ship. they go to the movies, shows and even dinner together . my 9 year old daughter also loved the kids programs. they had pj party, crafts, games. etc. she made alot of friends. they counslers are very nice. i would recommend that you book any excursions in advance since you can always cancel later. you can cancel up to 24 hours. also you buy the soda cards the same day you board at the cafe in the atrium or at the stand that is set up the day of embarkation. if you have any questions you can email me at thaddues63@aol.com. just say cruise addict. because i delete alot of emails if i think they are junk email....happy cruising. maria :)
  14. jh

    jh Guest

    Hi, the jet ski was the sit down type and 2 people could go on it at a time. As for dinner reservations, sometimes we called but found it was better to go directly to the restaurant or to the reservation area in the atrium.
  15. dwar_farquar

    dwar_farquar Guest

    Hi Pat,

    We were on the Dawn at Christmas. The greatest cruise in the history of the world!
    Don't worry about where to find everything that you asked about. They make it really easy. Reservations for restaurants can be made in the Atrium every day. They have people set up there with menus etc. I forget where we got our kids card for drinks, but it was a no brainer. Anyway, you have all day Monday at sea to discover all this stuff.
    The only thing to be prepared for is that they don't go to the private island all the time. Because you get there by tender, there doesn't have to be a big storm for them to call it off, just a windy day is enough for a no go. It's got to be pretty calm to transfer you from the Dawn to the little tenders. They don't talk about this much, but if you check out the web cam every Thursday, you'll see that they miss it quite often.(like today). If they take a pass on the island, they just cruise around at sea all day. At Christmas it was the first time in 4 weeks that they had been to the island. Keep your fingers crossed, because it's the greatest day of the whole cruise.


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