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Norwegian Fjords

Discussion in 'Europe' started by B36Jan, May 30, 2008.

  1. B36Jan

    B36Jan Guest

    I notice that a few of you have sailed to the Norwegian fjords. Please can I ask a couple of questions of you because we are travelling there on Costa Atlantica on 6th. July God willing?

    Would a taxi be available from Honningsvag to the North Cape and what would the cost be?

    Would it also be possible to get a taxi or a local tour from Geiranger to Mount Dalsnibba to avoid the excessive costs that cruise ships charge for their tours and to avoid the crowds or would there is little difference and similarly to the Brikstal glacier from Olden?

    I notice that Gitte has done this cruise at some point but I cannot find the page where the information is.

    I would be very grateful for some advice please before we commit ourselves to the over priced tours the ship offers.


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