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Norwegian Majesty Restaurant


Nancy T. Meehan

I went on a tour of the Majesty this morning and I had a question. The restaurant that is $10, does that include everything? On the way out I saw the menu with very high prices.

Sue Berard

The last time I sailed on NCL Majesty (May 2001), $10.00 included everything on the menu. I will be sailing again on her on 9/22/02. I'm sure I will be eating in thereat least once during the week.


The $10 in Le Bistro covers the entire dinner - appetizer to dessert, but not wine, or other drinks (except the usual - coffee, tea, etc.) It also does not include the Surf n' Turf entree, which is about 7 or 8 dollars more. The menu selections are different from the ones in the "regular" dining rooms, but the presentation, and the food, are well worth the extra charge - "Try it - you'll like it"!!!


The higher priced entree on the menu is a special combo that includes lobster and filet mignon. As Rosie said, the regular menu at $10pp is well worth it.


Hi...just to add another point to the alternative dining...we sailed the Sky in September, ate all our dinners at LeBistro and Horizons (our fav), and according to Florian, the Maitre d'e, the tip is included in the $10 charge...we were confused when we read all the posts re the other dining rooms...He definitely cleared the confusion..Happy Sailings...Helen