Norwegian Majesty Tours



I wanted to pass along for anyone who may be thinking about or interested in cruising on the Norwegian Majesty that my office, Majestic Cruises & Tours of Lexington, Mass., will be holding ship tours of the Norwegian Majesty on Sunday, September 15 at 10:30 a.m.

This is a free tour but reservations must be made in advance. If interested you can email me at

In order to be able to attend, due to NCL security procedures, all guests wanting to attend the tours must provide full names, addresses, phone numbers, license or passport numbers and country of citizenship and date of birth. Licenses and passports are collected when embarking the ship and returned after the tour.

If interested, drop me an email and I will provide you my phone numbers if you are not comfortable providing that information by email or online.

Hope to see you there!


That is great. I won't be able to attend, but it is great that you are offering the chance.


Thank you for the offer, that is really nice. I wish I could go, but we have plans already. I would love to have seen the ship. We were on her when she was brand new and was Majesty Cruise lines only ship. I would have enjoyed touring since her stretch and 20,000 ton remodel.

Laurie :candle


I have always wanted to try this ship as I live in Boston. However, I know it does not have balconies. Maybe if I see it I could be swayed. I do not have an e-mail at home and will e-mail you when I get back to work on Tuesday. I'm watching a woman's dog who is coming off the Majesty tomorrow. I'll see what she thinks. My next cruise is on RCCL Brilliance of the Seas.


going to be on board the Majesty on 9/15 for her cruise to B'da and back - have spoken with others who love the ship and have sailed on her previously. would they let us on early to be with you to find out more about the ship? We have all our cruise docs. Will be able to pick up an answer tomorrow (9/13) before 4:30 pm - have seen many of your postings on the cc message boards. would love to say hello to you!


Sorry, Rosie, to have miss your post! You will have a wonderful cruise on the Majesty!