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Norwegian Sea - just got back!

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by cheezz, May 18, 2004.

  1. cheezz

    cheezz Guest

    Just returned from the western Caribbean cruise "Texaribbean", out of Houston. Would like to share my pictures with you:

    Any questions? I'll be more than happy to try and answer them.

    This was my very first cruise - can't wait to do it again!!!
  2. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    Cheezz -- We sailed the Sky last March. I'd like to take my parents out of the cold during the winter of 2005. Do you think this is a good ship / itinerary for older people, age 70+?
  3. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    Parrot Pop is in his 70's.. It is a smaller ship and easy to get around...What I would recommend is get a cabin near an elevator..we were on the Sea last Sepember...love that ship
  4. cheezz

    cheezz Guest

    Parrot Mom - you're right! Although I will definitely go with a larger ship next time (for less movement), it is pretty easy to find your way around. I'm told the large ships are much more difficult to navigate.

    Trish, there are a lot of things to keep your parents busy - bingo every day, art auctions, musical productions, talent contests, movie and popcorn afternoons, hot tubs, craft classes, a library where you can sit and play bridge, cards, or games with fellow passengers, orchestra recitals, game shows, etc.

  5. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    There is so much on a cruise ship to keep you occupied...we are art auction addicts...and then there is something called "vegging out"...just doing nothing..being pampered by having them prepare, cook and clean meals... Not to mention meeting new friends, sitting in a cocktail lounge for a drink and listening to some great music. Just because your 70 doesn't mean your mind is gone or your enthusiasm for life and new experiences, your body may not always cooperate... wait until you get close to 70.lol On the Sea we were in a cabin next to the lounging area where the elevators were and there was no noise...except for loud cruisers going to their cabin at night...occasionally..
  6. Parrotmom is so right about the brain versus the body after a certain age. i guess when I was 40 I couldn't do what I did at 20; at 60, I didn't weigh the same as I did at 40 nor could I do the same. Now I just wish my body moved as well as it did at 60. LOL! Anyway yes, if you read your nightly bulletin you will probably find more to do the next day than you have time to do. When people get bored on a cruise, especially a week long cruise it's their won fault. If nothing else visit the ship library and check out a really good book you have wanted to read for ages or visit with the other passengers. As for the Sea, it is a wonderful little lady and I can't wait to give her one more go around before she goes to Asia.

  7. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    A friend gave me this hint which most of you know probably.. bring a highlighter and highlight the items for the next day so you won't miss anything...
  8. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    To expand on Parrot Mom's great post, I once heard the following (which I cannot take credit for, btw):

    If you are traveling with your special someone, bring two highlighters -- one yellow and one blue. Each of you highlights the activities on the sheet that appeal to you. The ones that end up in green, you do together. :)
  9. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    What if you both want to go to the same activity..lol Looking at a package of five different markers... MY PAPERS JUST CAME...YIPEE!!
  10. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    SImple... yellow marks first, blue goes over it, and the resulting color is green. :) Sorry if I didn't explain that well.

    Congrats on the Documents!!! =docdance =docdance =docdance
  11. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    Just pulling your leg..lol. My very favorite hint that I picked up from an old time cruiser.. is the hang over the door shoe bag.. great to keep things organized and at hand like lotions, sandals, emergency kit, clothes pins, Woolite, etc.
  12. runner1909

    runner1909 Guest

    Cheezz...Thanks for sharing your pix, they were great. We are heading out on the Sea 6/26 and can't wait!
  13. cheezz

    cheezz Guest

    Three things I haven't seen anybody mention as being necessities - I couldn't have made it without them:

    1. Ladies, a small 'wristlet' purse for carrying a comb, swipe card and couple of dollars in.

    2. A lightweight bag that expands to carry all the stuff you buy. I had one from Totes that folds up into a small 'packet' so it's lightweight and carries lots of stuff.

    3. A few postcards from your own neighborhood. I got to chatting with some of the locals about where I was from and it would have been nice to give them a postcard showing them what my 'hood' looked like - many of the people there had never been more than a handful of miles away from where they were born.

    runner - thanks for the compliment! I had the board in mind when I was taking pictures, trying to capture the feel of the trip :)
  14. timpson

    timpson Guest

    we are on our way july 10. on the sea. 2 adults and 2 children 5 , 7.
    we think we know were we want to go in roatan and cozumel, but not cancun and belize. we are looking for a nice beach in cancun on our own but have not found one on the net. and belize looks difficult. we looked at the caye island, but it would only give us 4 hours. what do you think?
    thanks for your help.
  15. cheezz

    cheezz Guest

    Hi Timpson,

    We contacted Sea Sports Belize and did a tour through them - out to the Baboon Sanctuary. It was interesting, but would not hold the interest of young kids. They also do a zoo tour which WOULD be fun - wish we had done that one. You can google 'Sea Sports Belize'.

    Cancun - you have to drop anchor quite aways out from shore. They tender you in, which is 30 min. each way. We were tired by then (last port of the cruise) and elected to stay onboard, so I can't help you there.

    You can off the ship in ANY of these ports and have very able, willing, enthusiastic taxi drivers who will take you ANYWHERE pretty cheap, and are always knowledgeable about where to go - just ask them. Make sure you get the price before getting in the cab - and you pay them at the end, when they bring you back to the ship.
  16. timpson

    timpson Guest

    thanks for the help cheezz.
  17. KLLund

    KLLund Guest

    We are on the July 10th cruise also and really looking forward to it. We have cruised a lot so we have the packing down to a science ... but this cruise has so many Excursion choices we are pondering them over and over.

    It is encouraging to know that there are nice things said about this ship ... and we are really looking forward to a smaller ship again even if it means no balcony rooms :)
  18. timpson

    timpson Guest

    were ready to go, been a couple of years since we sailed on the fantasy. we never been to these 4 places. we also have been trying to upgrade but no luck yet.
  19. cheezz

    cheezz Guest


    I read of this board - or somewhere - that if you don't get upgraded before the cruise, you could make one last try when you check in (before you board). We booked 3 months ahead and got bumped up 2 levels! We never 'tried' to do it - we just discovered it when our tickets came.

    This was my first cruise, but REALLY.... you don't spend much time in there anyway!
  20. Going on my first cruise Norwegian Sea - Texiribbean July 3.

    Just a quick question.... to do the upgrade do you have to pay more money???? If so, what was the difference? Ballpark figure would be sufficient.

    What can I expect for prices for drinks (water, beer, cocktails)?

    Thanks for any response.


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