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Norwegian Sky

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Virginia, May 3, 2001.

  1. Virginia

    Virginia Guest

    Travel agent called with a steal of a deal on Norwegian Sky We have heard the food isn't very good on Norwegian .Has anyone been on this ship? comments would be appreciated Thanks Virginia
  2. Eric

    Eric Guest

    H Virgina

    We have been on this ship in November and thought this was a fantastic cruise but dont forget it was my first one.

    If you like you can go and check out my review in the review corner it will give you a better idea about the ship.

    If you like more detail dont be shy and email me and ask the question you like

    See ya

  3. LindaC

    LindaC Guest


    I sailed on the Norwegian Sky last year and the food was just fine. In fact, the dinner we had in Le Bistro was one of the finest I've had on more than two dozen ships. We've sailed on each of the ships NCL has in service right now and food varies, as it often does in land-based hotels and resorts. A lot depends on your taste and expectations.

    You might want to read the Norwegian Cruise Line reviews on my web site at <http://cruisediva.com> to get past passengers' comments. Under "Articles and Advice" there is a very good description of NCL's Freestyle Cruising by a travel agent who recently experienced it.

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  4. sgrane

    sgrane Guest

    Sailed the Sky in November. It was a great cruise and the food was excellent. I have sailed NCL 9 times and the food has always been super! The Sky is a gorgeous ship and NCL is a great line for the money!
  5. Suez

    Suez Guest

    We were on the Sky to Alaska last August. Had a fantastic cruise. It was our first, so we didn't have anything to compare our experience to, but I didn't hearing people complaining. The shows were geat, and I believe that is one of the things NCL is known for...good entertainment in the main lounge every night.

    We totally enjoyed the food..never went hungry. I'd so like another Baked Alaskan...and the anniversary cake they served us was so much more then I expected - it was delicious.

    I for one would love to hear the deal your TA told you about!!

  6. rox52

    rox52 Guest

    Just got off the Sky last week. The food was good, the presentation was rather ordinary. Interesting presentation is important, but let's face it, it doesn't change how the food tastes. The chilled fruit soups were really wonderful. The menus offered everything from beef, chicken, fish, veal, lamb, lobster, prawns, mussells, crab legs, escargot. I'd go again in a heartbeat!
  7. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Was on the NCL SKY last week had a very good time. I didn't like the beef it had a strange taste, but I think that the beef was from either the carribian or south America since it had just come through the canal. It should have some good Canadian or American beef on board now. The ship was nice and clean. I liked the RCL Vision class ships better due to the amount of windows which is most important in Alaska. If you go be sure to get to the shows early as the balcony is a waste due to the high railings. Freestyle was fun but I did find the dining room service to be good not great. I would cruise her again but only if it was a better deal the other lines. Check www.egghead.com The SKY is always having cruises auctioned off.

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