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norwegian sky

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by lisalovlee33, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    Will be taking the Norwegian Sky going to the southern caribbean in April. Anyone care to comment on this ship? this trip?
  2. BigAl

    BigAl Guest

    We were on the ship last January and really liked it. It's laid out well and the spaces are, well spacious and comfortable. There are some line of sight problems in the stage lounge, but still enough good seats. Good pizza (24 hours :) ). We were in a BC balcony cabin and the only possible complaint was that there was limited storage space for clothes, but we made do easily.
  3. sadie

    sadie Guest

    The Sky is a wonderful ship. Cruised the Sky in Alaska July 03 also did back to back out of San Juan in Dec. 03. Had a great time!! You can find more info and reviews of the Sky on the cruise critics web site. Have a great time!!
  4. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    I was on this ship last September. One thing I didn't know about and will remember is that the indoor buffet has different items from the outdoor buffet. Also you can get stuff in the restaurant next to the Sports Bar. So if you are like me, visit all three for lunch. :)
  5. tequilamary

    tequilamary Guest

    Hi Lisa, I am sailing the southern caribbean on the Sky on 3/21. The deep southern, not the exotic. Will post some info for you when I get back.
  6. We cruised the southern Caribbean on her Jan 2003. The only complaint we had was the storage space. We did find places for all our belongings, but it took some planning, that's for sure. Other than that it is a delightful cruise, great ports and wonderful staff. Do try at least one specialty restaurants, you won't be sorry.

  7. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    hey, thanks a lot for all the info. Very happy to hear it's a good ship. Rregarding meals, we're both like Sestra. We went on the Mediterranean cruise last year and we always have two full dinners. So, I'm delighted to know that this is also possible for lunch.. and for dinner, we can eat a full dinner at a restaurant and then go to another to have soup, dessert, or yet another meal with no problema??? :)

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  8. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Those who have recently cruised on the sky, what did you observe, hear or experience about the ability to bring alchohol on board in your luggage.
  9. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    thanks folks for all the help/advices
  10. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

  11. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    Thanks all again, so excited now, just about gotten all my questions answered. I read your review Trish, and just confirmed that i will have a good time. We're not a picky couple and generally enjoy ourselves unless there's a major catasthrophy.
  12. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    Lisa -- to be fair -- read the posted review above mine. We were on the same cruise & she had a miserable experience, according to her.

    Just beware, the dining room can be S. .L. . . O . . . . W

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