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Norwegian Sky

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by bednarcik, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Has anyone been in a room on the right hand side (starboard) of the atlantic deck (facing the bow) of the Norwegian Sky. This is deck 5. I am wondering if this is a good location due to the reception/excursion desk and two restaurants that are located on this deck.

    Cruising out of San Juan on the 11th of April.

  2. I can't remember where we were, but I am sure you will be just fine. Our last couple of cruises we have been directly across from elevators and stairs and still had no problems. Have a great time.

  3. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Thanks -
  4. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    How is NCL on searching your bags for beer and liquor. I have read postings for other cruiselines, but they all seem to have different policies. How is the Sky out of San Juan for checking your bags? Some people say use your carryon bags and others say to only use your checked bags. Not to sound cheap or anything........ :)
  5. marciap

    marciap Guest

    We are also on the Sky on 4/11 and I plan on bringing a whole suitcase full of wine and beer and checking it with all of my other luggage. It is worth the risk and it is usually OK with the cruise lines. Are you traveling with any children?
  6. A whole suitcase will be checked and caught. You will not get it back til the last day of the cruise. There are ways to get some alcohal on the ship and we love to have a drink or two in our rooms at night or late afternoon, but NCL is probably the strictest about allowing booze to be brought on board. All the lines are clamping down.

  7. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    Bednarcik -- there's a bank of elevators, an atrium & some stairs between your cabin & all that public stuff. You shouldn't be bothered by it.

    As for alcohol -- they are strict & thorough! Nothing gets through, at least not in the original containers. I have no idea how the real smugglers -- who put vodka in water bottles etc. fared, but they confiscated the wine in our checked luggage. We enjoyed it with dinner for the $10 corkage fee. They do not give hard alcohol back until the end. They took the rum we bought in port when we boarded with it.
  8. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Thanks for everyone's comments.

    Maricap: No, we are not travelling with children. I like your idea of the suitcase full of beer, etc.. This will be our first cruise and I am planning on having a great time. What excursions have you got planned? My wife and I are going for the beach time. I am researching our ports of call for great uncrowded beaches.

    Trish: Have you been on the Sky out of Puerto Rico? I've read so many different stories on the smuggling of alcohol that I don't know what to think. Not interested in putting it in mouthwash bottles, but a bottle or some canned beer in my bag is what I am curious about.

    Also from what I have read it appears as if you can bring bottled water and soda on.
  9. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest


    We carried the wine on the plane b/c we were concerned about cabin pressure etc. At the AP we put it in our checked luggage.

    The bag w/ the wine was not delivered to our room. We got a note saying that they had security concerns about our luggage. Yeah right. ;-)

    We had to go downstairs to claim the bag. There was a line of all the other "smugglers". They took our wine, put stickers on it & told us to ask the wine stewards for it at dinner. They weren't organized enough to get it upstairs teh 1st night. They took all other alcohol -- beer, vodka, etc., put stickers on it & returned it to the cabins at the end of the cruise.

    I wish you luck. Let me know how it turned out.

    If it doesn't work, you can get a "helmet" of beer. You pay a $5 deposit for the oversized football helmet (you get the $5 back if you return the helmet or you can keep it as a souvenier) you buy 5 beers & they give you 6. W/ tip it was about $20 bucks for imports. We did this & took some back to the room for later consumption. There's also a wine package -- I think it's buy 5 get the 6th free or something like that. You have to keep track of the receipts.
  10. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Thanks - sounds like they are pretty thorough. Do they only take beer, wine and liquor? What if you have like a 12 pack of diet coke in your bag or bottles of water.
  11. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    They let me right on w/ my 12 pack of Pepsi.
  12. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

  13. Skysmama

    Skysmama Guest

    Trish1c - The eternal question when it comes to smuggling drinks - did you put the 12pk in your checked-in or carry-on? Thanks!
  14. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Where did you put it?

    If they are xraying your checked bags how will they know if it is soda or beer. I would think the best way is in your carryon. This way there is no need to investigate if it is soda or beer. Same with bottled water.
  15. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    We embarked in San Juan. I bought the 12 pack in the 1st port, St. Thomas. There's grocery store near the port. I just walked on carrying the 12 pack in my hand no bag, they could clearly see it was all sealed. No problem.

    I understand some people go through all the touble of emptying soda cans, refilling them with beer, resealing them (how ? I don't know) & resealing the cardboard box. By the time I got done doing all of that I could have earned enough money to pay for a case on board. :)
  16. bednarcik

    bednarcik Guest

    Thanks - emptying soda cans and filling with beer is crazy.

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