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Norwegian Wind - Don't

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by azfyrfyter, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. azfyrfyter

    azfyrfyter Guest

    We took the Hawaii cruise on the Wind in October 2006. Don't go anywhere on this ship...it is falling apart. We lost an engine, had to skip a port and lost shore excursions because we were a day early at our next port. Don't do the 10 days...Fanning Island is a waste of 4 days. We also lost the air conditioning on two separate days and had total ship power failure one morning. We have been on several cruises and this one was a stinker. The worse part about this is our kids used this cruise as their honeymoon and it was their first cruise...I was most disappointed for them.

    Feb 2000 Ensenada, Carnival Holiday
    Mar 2001 Western Caribbean, NCL Sun
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    Sep 2004 Alaska, NCL
    Oct 2005 West Caribbean, RCCL Rhapsody of the Seas
    Oct 2006 Hawaii
  2. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    I'm sorry you had a bad cruise. Since it's been a month or more, do you know if they have fixed the engines and the air conditioners? Were they attempting to fix them?

    All ships are stuffed full with machinery that will break down occasionally.

    Did they offer you and the other passengers any on board credits?
  3. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    I'll be sailing on NCL's WIND January 10, 2007 on the 10 night cruise. Your post is the first I've read with such disappointment. Hopefully all will be fixed and in good working order for my upcoming cruise.

    Sorry to hear things were so bad in October when you sailed. Maybe your children will give cruising another chance? Will you?
  4. goboating6

    goboating6 Guest

    Hi. I went on the Wind end of Sept. Sorry you had so many problems. I knew before hand that this was an older ship and not very fancy. I decided to go anyway as It was a great buy. If you read your itenery then you should have know that there was 4 sea days. The ship didn't make it to Fanning island due to someone having a heart attack. I felt the changed Iienery was great. We still had 4 sea days cruising around the Hawaii islands. I did a lot of relaxing at this time. For the money It was a great bargan. I found the staff to be great and overall enjoyed the trip. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow and make adjustments when things don't go as planned.
  5. cpoole

    cpoole Guest

    We are leaving on the Wind on January 31. After reading so many bad reviews my expectations are not high. But we usually try to have a good time and go with the flow. The price of the cruise was really low, so we are expecting a "budget" cruise. Still have alot of $ invested though after air fares, hotels, etc. Are there any good reviews out there? I need some reassurance!
  6. GregR

    GregR Guest

    Sorry to hear of your problems. We sailed on the Wind the summer of 2005 and had a great time. It is an older ship and a unique itinerary. Fanning Islands is an interesting port of call, but the three newer NCL America ships do sailings only to the Hawaiian ports. Do your research, including checking in here with the many knowledgeable cruisers.

  7. azfyrfyter

    azfyrfyter Guest

    We all recieved a $50. credit...not much for the cost of this 10 day cruise. I understand that they are going to park this ship next year as an off shore casino/hotel, so they won't be putting too much money into it. The engine should be fixed.
  8. azfyrfyter

    azfyrfyter Guest

    The problems will be fixed, but no promises on if they will repeat. My kids will probably cruise again, but they are in no hurry. I wish you a good cruise, but 10 days with 4 devoted just to Fanning Island is not worth the time or effort.
  9. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    I've just returned from Hawaiian 10 night cruise on NCL Wind. We had a fabulous time. Yes, it was definitely worth the trip even though we lost a stop at Nawiliwili, Kauai.

    The captain was ordered to pick up an injured fisherman in international waters as we were sailing from Fanning Island to Nawiliwili. Naturally, there were a handful of people that felt the man should have been rescued by someone else other than those of us that were vacationing. UGH! Just knowing that he did not bleed to death, lose his leg, or even die made this diversion worth the sacrifice.

    Anyway, I believe that a cruise should be made into whatever you wish to make of it. DH and I went with an open mind and a heartfelt desire to have a grand time and that is what we had.

    I'll try to post a review by next week. Something I've not done, so I need a little time.

    Anyway, have a great trip. And think of me when you go to Maui. That was my favorite port.
  10. jeb2006

    jeb2006 Guest

    My wife and I will be departing on the Wind Feb. 10th.
    This is an 11 day cruise (Staying at maui for 2 days, which account for it being 11 instead of 10 day cruise on the Wind.
    I think going to Fanning Island is an unusual experience, just because of the remoteness of it. But then, I like going to "remote" places anyway.
    My one concern is the negative reviews on the Wind.
    Particularly on "missing ports". I have two tours (not booked through NCL) which would be pretty bad if we don't get to that port.

    Any good feedback on the Wind?
    I kind of feel like the person, who, after jumping out of a plane, asking if this is going to turn out good...
  11. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Cruise ships miss ports more often than many realize. A medical emergency, where the ship is not at fault, is just one example. The recent example reported, the medical emergency was on a fishing boat, not on the Wind.

    When you have the nearest doctors around, you can get many calls diverting the ship from its itinerary. I would rather miss a port than see someone bleed to death, or lose a leg.

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