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Norwegian Wind - Has anyone been on it lately ?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by atseaagain, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. atseaagain

    atseaagain Guest

    I haven't seen any posts re: the Norwegian Wind since my last note. Curious to see other opinions of the ship and Hawaiian cruise. I wonder what will happen to Fanning Island if NCL stops visiting. It appears that their two new ships will be flagged as U.S. vessels and may not have to touch a foreign port. Any thoughts.....

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  2. DL111255

    DL111255 Guest

    We were on the the 03/03/03-11 night Hawaii cruise, and had a very good time, the ship is in good shape for it's age and we were very happy with our cabin (#8269) but the ship itself is not build for freestyle cruising. The buffet area (Sports Bar) was very small and far away from the pools, you couldn't bring your tray out to eat by the pool, would have had to go up/down several flights of stairs, the Pizzaria is near a pool but again is very small. Cabins were added during the stretch but common areas were not. We got totally confused with the lay out of the ship during our first exploration of it, however, in the Freestyle daily, the day we boarded the ship there was "tour" offered, we took this ships tour and it became very easy to navigate the ship. One of the things we were told is when you face a bank of elevators you are facing the bow of the ship, that really helped, and we were given pointers on getting from one end of the ship to the other. All in all I would cruise NCL again, (we have been on Carnival, Costa and Princess(2X), but it would not be on the Wind. The Hawaiian Islands and Fanning were wonderful!!
  3. atseaagain

    atseaagain Guest

    Thanks for your response. I agree with your opinion of the ship. In the cold light of day it in no way could compare with the newer ships with regard to cabins, common areas, lounges, etc. Lots of signs of wear and tear especially in our cabin. I will say the food and the service were very good and the shows were o.k. also. I wasn't overly impressed with the Hawaiian weather when we were there November 18-30 which really didn't enhance the island experience. I thought generally Hawaii was over rated and over priced and the weather seems to be consistently better in the Caribbean. There are also many islands and beaches in the Caribbean that surpass many of those we saw in Hawaii with the exception of Fanning Island. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, no need to go back. Back to the Caribbean for us.

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