Norweigian Sky

Hello, I am a 22 year old male going on my 2nd cruise to the bahamas on 12/24..this time with Norweigian Sky...the first with Carnival. i was very pleased with carnival, i enjoyed the pool parties and the dancing with the nightclub. is it similiar with norweigian?


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Yes, it's quite similar on the Bahamas cruises. The main difference will be with the dining set-up. On Carnival, you would have had a choice between a set dining time and no set dining time. And, depending on the ship, there may have been a specialty restaurant. On NCL, everyone has a flexible dining time (although you can make reservations), and there are also some specialty restaurants, some that charge extra, some that don't. Aside from that, there are few differences. Enjoy!
It is very similar. You will enjoy it. They do a white hot party that they are known for and I like the freestyle dining because you don't have to stick to a reservation. Have Fun!
im sorry, my first cruise with carnival was to Cozumel, Mexico..this norweigian cruise is to the bahamas... my main thing is i want the same Clubbing/Dancing experience along with the same age as on carnival there was a bunch of people close to my age.. the dining experience isnt that important to me, i rarely ate during the day...just Pizza late at night after a long night of dancing at the club and a big breakfast to start my day lol.