Not Good News about Conniecat

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Today's (Sept. 6) latest on Connie...

Connie's about the same - they've been playing with her antibiotics to find something that can clear up the infection, but not much progress has been made yet. Will hopefully know more tomorrow when the hosp. is back at full staff. She's lethargic, but aware and can still carry on conversation for a bit. Visitors seem to tire her out pretty quickly, though.

Maxie has been adopted. Scooter remains in a shelter - I was told he has never wanted to use a litter box, so that creates a problem. Simon is in the process of being adopted.
Thanks for keeping us updated on Connie.

Prayers for her.


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Thanks so much for the update Mary Ann and my prayers continue for her. It's sad that her beloved cats will be separated.


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Thanks once again Mary Ann for the update...just breaks my heart to know that Connie and her beloved kitties are seperated. :( Poor Scooter. Nothing more that we can do but continue to prayer for Connie and wish her the best in the days head.


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Mixed emotions here. Glad that things are somewhat under control; yet sad that the "family" is being broken up. I know it's not the first time this has happened to someone, and that it won't be the last; but this time, it's someone close. That makes it pretty crappy ...


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Thanks for the continued updates Mary Ann.

I'm really sorry that this is all going on, as John said, it's really crappy. Sad all the way around.


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I echo the comments of those before me. Just very sad. Thanks for the update Mary Ann. Positive thoughts still flying for Connie.