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Not impressed with Sovereign or Royal Caribbean

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Michelobdude, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. ewheelock

    ewheelock Guest

    Robkabob Wrote:
    > I hope you sent this feedback to RCI? Perhaps you
    > can get some form of compensation.

    huh, you are just kidding about compensation right?
  2. Wanderer

    Wanderer Guest

    One question. Would you rather have been on Sovereign today or at work?
  3. kimzers

    kimzers Guest

    i have never been on the sovereign.. but i have been on the mariner and the voyager, and i had an absolutely AMAZING expirience.. maybe you should try going on the bigger boats that leave out of more major ports. they are a lot bigger, and nicer. i absolutely ENJOYED the food, i thought it was amazing. I am sorry you didnt enjoy your expirience, but carnival, from 3 previous cruises was a terrible cruise line.. crappy ships.. crappy food..crappy staff.. royal caribbean everyone is friendly the food is wonderful, and the ships are beautiful... in all honesty i reccommend you try another ship because i have never thought a negative thought about royal caribbean.

  4. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    Granduer Sailer Wrote:
    > Some times they have bad days.

    And some people can't be pleased. ;)

    I make our cruise fun or miserable, not the ship, the food or the staff. If I am looking for every little thing wrong, I can easily find it on any ship so posts that slam a ship, especially on a 3 or 4 day cruise, I take as meaningless.
  5. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You had posted:
    >maybe you should try going on the bigger boats that leave out of more >major ports. they are a lot bigger, and nicer.

    I just wanted to let you know that the Sovereign leaves out of Port Canaveral, the same port as the Mariner. I don't think the port would make a difference , but a newer ship might =shrug Others have said and I agree that, I could find things wrong on any cruise, but I go to enjoy myself and just being at sea is a pleasure for me and my husband. We go to enjoy being at sea and not to worry about the little things or let things ruin our trip....a cruise is a wonderful way to do that :thumb
  6. true searcher people cannot be pleased. People who run soverign are human and make mistakes too. Not sure about others but they have room for error.
  7. Michelobdude

    Michelobdude Guest

    Actually I would consider myself as an easy person to please. I think I might give Royal another shot on a new larger ship ( comparative to NCL Sun). Everyone can have a bad "day" but I can tell when a business doesn't have the extra " umph" of real great customer care and satisfaction program. Royal doesn't share the same philosophy as Disney or NCL, this I am very familiar with.
  8. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Having sailed on the Sovereign twice, the only thing I could complain about was the teeny tiny cabins; but, then I didn't spend a lot of time there. Not like it was my honeymoon or anything, lol. Actually, my cruise on the Sovereign (2nd overall) was the cruise that got me hooked on cruising. Been on 17 more with two more coming up. We were docked next to the SOS in Nassau last month and I thought she looked great.
  9. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Can I ask Michelobdude - was this your second cruise? That could explain some things too in addition to what others are saying on type of ship, length of days (the sort ones are nothing compared to 7+ ones). The first cruise is the best. It gives a basis for everything after that. The second cruise is when you are now seasoned so imperfections sometimes seem so big.

    I've cruised with NCL, CCL, RCCL, HAL, Princess and some defunct ones. Each ship is a different experience moreso than the cruiseline. Sure there are sublte differences and I've had good and bad service on all of the lines. None of them are exempt.

    I disagree in that other lines are better on customer satisfaction. If you write to RCCL you wil get a response. Try that on some of the other lines and see how it falls on deaf ears. Even HAL who's supposed to be a Premium line fails in this area.

    My son and his new bride cruised in December on the Sovereign for 4nights. They loved it. But then again they were new cruisers. Sometimes that's better than being seasoned as they don't know any better.

  10. If you have a problem with the customer service of RCCL. You should bring it to their attention. If you try another cruise with RCCL try a completely different ship and different departing port. I will assure you that you will have the Vacation of a Lifetime if you just try to have fun and not pay attention to every little thing that goes wrong.
  11. MrsPete

    MrsPete Guest

    I think your mistake was taking a 3-day cruise.

    Cruise lines use their newest, nicest ships for their 7+ day cruises. They also place their best employees on these newest, nicest ships. They understand that people who take the longer cruises are paying more for their tickets and spend more onboard; thus, the cruise lines "give them more".
  12. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    We are lucky - i have been on 5 cruises, husband on 4, kids on 3= 3 cruise lines for me, 2 for husband, and one for kids= all were great- even with a flooded bathroom due to drainage problem in shower that was fixed the next day ( was given 80.00 in pic coupons and some free drink coupons without asking for it or making a fuss about the flood- my formal evening gown was a tad damp at the bottom but dried out fine and you could not even tell) in life, things happen- no airline, cruiseline, car rental agency, dept store, grocery store, etc.......is immune to a bad day or week or ? take the lemons and make lemonade, have a laugh about it for in the end it will make a good story to tell- its not the destination but the journey that we should enjoy-- just my .02
  13. Smithers853

    Smithers853 Guest

    RCL has the best service in all cruises. U must have just had a weekend of bad luck.....srry about that, but you should give rccl another chance on 1 of their larger and more elaborate ships
  14. on the contrary the more elaborate ships may not be just right. Yes, they are bigger but they can be hard to navagate. Also, the bigger the ships the more people more crew much more crowded. After the crew gets to tend to all of the people they might tend to get a little crabby. Just my thought!
  15. Mmketeer

    Mmketeer Guest


    I don't think anyone can put it any better than you did. I agree with you whole heartedly!
    Especially on your comment about that says, " As you know, the smallest, oldest ships in a line do the 3-4 night Bahama cruises." So sad, for those of us who love quick getaways and would rather cruise than stay at a hotel. But, so true. However, I just wanted to put in that I have found an exception to this rule and it's Disney. Yeah, the Wonder maybe getting up there in age and is older than her sister ship the Magic, but I would say in my opinion she IS thes nicest 3-4 day ship that sails to the Bahamas! However, I'll be sailing RCCL'S SOS in Dec. and I am sure I'll still be sticking with my original DCL opinon, but I am hoping RCCL will prove me wrong. :)

    Mmketeer.........up coming cruise: RCCL/ SOS 12/05 & DCL/ Wonder 2/06

    RCCL: Mariner & Enchantment
    DCL: Magic & Wonder
    CCL: Fantasy & Miracle

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    i had a great expierence on this ship we went for my parents anniversary and it was great. Although the Ship is older and certainly does not compare to the newer ships . i would imagine your cabin was smaller than most newer ship balconys . when the ship was first designed it was ahead of its time .Hope you will try rccl again on a different ship we love this cruise line, usually they are great ,but our favorite so far is the celebrity millenium. i have never been on princess yet. grasnted it has been about two years since our last rccl cruise on the enchantment when it sailed 8 days s it was great and its been about five years on the soverign so maybe things have changed, hope not.
  17. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    Michelobdude Wrote:
    > I hate to be negative,

    But the devil made you do it?

    > TRUST ME......go with NCL if possible.

    Lets see. You sign on to the board 2 weeks prior to posting a RCCL flame and we are to simply "trust you"?

    I got a bridge I will sell to anyone who trusts a newbie with a RCCL flame while said newbie touts another cruise line in the RCCL Forum.
  18. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Just got back from our 2nd trip on the Sovereign. It was a great weekend and we had lots of fun. Didn't look for problems so we saw none.......Attitiude is very important!!!
  19. Michelobdude

    Michelobdude Guest

    Searcher comments

    I thought this would be helpful information, obviously you feel the need to cut down opinions that do not agree with your own. I may be a newbie, but I think my observations were wothy to post.
  20. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    Re: Searcher comments

    Michelobdude Wrote:
    > I thought this would be helpful information,
    > obviously you feel the need to cut down opinions
    > that do not agree with your own. I may be a
    > newbie, but I think my observations were wothy to
    > post.

    You need to understand that shills come into these boards and invent a horrendous story for whatever their motives may be. Thats why I generally dismiss a negative post from a newbie because they normally dissapear and come back as a new user with a different horror story and on and on and on it goes. Stick around and get to know us.

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