Not impressed with Sovereign or Royal Caribbean



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Michelobdude Wrote:
> I thought this would be helpful information,
> obviously you feel the need to cut down opinions
> that do not agree with your own. I may be a
> newbie, but I think my observations were wothy to
> post.

Of course your post is helpful as are most of the others here. I agree with everything Searcher said about the trolls we get on the boards. I didn't think you were one when I read it and you are certainly entitled to your opinion as am I.

I didn't experience any of the things you saw. Of course the crew changes often so anything can occur month to month on any cruiseline and any ship. I sailed the Sovereign in March and the food was better then the May trip. We found the crew to be helpful and friendly on each of the sailings but we know that is not always the case. Several years ago we had an awful waiter on RCI and we reported him to the proper personnel while aboard the ship. It is the only time I have done that but it was important that this bad apple be weeded out. You may have hit a bad set of crew.

I will admit the Sovereign is not a shiny new ship but for her age she's looking great. Try a newer, larger ship and you may feel differently.

We've sailed many of the mainstream lines. There is only 1 cruiseline I won't sail again......but will try every line at least a few times before I rule them out. Different cruiselines, different ships, different never know when you will find a great one.

Granduer Sailer

Searcher is right being a pretty long time user of cruise addicts i have noticed the same thing.


I read a lot of info on these forums before we cruised both times and felt I should reciprocate by posting our experiences too. I will say these forums are about as informative as some of the big Disney sites. I've noticed the feedback is usually fast and useful.


i liked the sovereign of the seas, but really the food is mostly from the same service provider on most all of the cruise ships. i did notice a bit of a difference in the food on the millenium which is a celebrity cruise line. It was superior. the service on the soverign was good about five years ago although i hear things are not the same anymore. i did not like the fact that they cut the midnight buffet, which i heard they no longer have everynight. we had celebrated our parents 50th anniversary on this ship and it was great. we had a wonderful time and rccl went to special lengths to make it a memoriable occasion for my parents we bought a couple of their special occasion packages for my mom and dad and we shared their champaigne whch was included in the package and it was a good chanmpagne too it was moet n chandon . i know it is an older ship but it was so much fun but than every vacation is fun to my familly


Hi Everyone, This is an interesting thread. I recently watched the "Ship Reborn" special on TV detailing the revitalization of the Sovereign. The ship went through an amazing change, so I too have been looking forward to possibly sailing the older RCCL ship's. I'm started cruising RCCL when the Grandeur was the newest ship. So to see the older ships in the fleet be re-done is really good news as these ships can be far less expensive. Now that they are updated.. to be more consistant with offerings and decor (fleet wide), I'm excited about seeing them. Each person's perception and experience is surely unique.
Michelobdude, your opinion is appreciated. I read reviews all the time, the interesting part of a live forum like our's is.. people talk back. :) So sometimes it can become and strong discussion on the who, what, where and why. I've never been aboard a NCL ship yet, but its good to hear your praise. Just like anything opinions are so varied. I tend to use these forums and reviews to look for an overall opinion. :)