not seeing any progress in my treatments



Well, got the results of my latest CT scan and the sad news is that there is absolutely no improvement in my metastasis. In fact the places that were hot spots are more numerous and the sizes have increased. This is something that I now have to deal with emotionally. I now have to be very aware of my shortcomings: the dizziness, unsteadyness on my feet, low energy levels, lack of hunger, and weakness. I spend about 5 hours a day sitting with my back massage/heating pad and this helps immemsely. I've been crocheting like a mad woman because this is something that I can do safely and it gives me much pleasure. Thank God my vision is cooperating for now.

Right now I'm in a transition period, just finished 2 very potent meds which had very strong side effects, so we'll see what symptoms will remain after this. Hopefully I'll loose my total insomnia and be able to get back to working on my doll houses once again. Meanwhile I spend lots of devotional time reading inspirational journals and listening to my spiritual music. I'm still planning a trip to Washington for a family wedding the end of July and then I get to fulfill a long time dream to take the sleeper train with my little sister down to San Diego where I'll be spending a couple weeks until my next class reunion enjoying my childhood home. My vision is to take a week long nap while she is at work during the day. LOL I'll be working on my life journal during this time. This is something very important to me to do for my family.

The final highlight of my vacation is to meet up in San Francisco on the 11th with the next crew heading out to sea. Can't wait!!!

When you think of me pray for peace, strength, and God's healing powers to keep me strong and extend my lifetime way beyond whatever the doctors could predict for me. I still have so much to accomplish. .

Hugs, Ronda/Mariposa


Ronda, the prayers never stopped coming from here! I'm so sorry your results weren't better, so let's see what happens after this "lag phase" you're in, keeping in mind that things can still change for you. What will your next goals be after you finish the ones you described? Just rmemeber, we're here for you!


I am so glad that you checked in with us today!! I have been wondering and praying for you. One of my bingo pals is going through the same trials as you so I have been able to see the changes that you go through.

Safe travels.


Cruise cutie

HUGE hugs prayers are with you too..with high hopes to see you again in August....thanks for the update..keep faith...I am there in wishing it better.....Joanne


Think of you everyday. Positive thoughts are on the way. Wishing you the very best with all of your summer plans.

H2O babe

Your itinerary appears to have lots on it! I hope things will work out for you to enjoy all that you have planned. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.



Have faith and courage - God will provide the strength. Strong prayers and warm hugs on the way to you.


Every night when I settle down for an hour of tv, I look over and see that FOOTPRINTS needlework you did for my friend Jan. I cherish that Ronda, not because it was once Jan's, but because you did it (and jealous too, because I wish I was as talented as you!) Stay strong my friend, and know when to pull back and relax. We are looking forward to seeing you in August.


Always looking for you Mariposa and glad to see you getting on with stages of your accomplishments. Keep setting those goals as you do well to achieve them and they are valuable to all. All the very best to you and your family. Sending glowing support to you as ever. Go butterfly go! Cherish every moment and plan more.


prayes on the way to you I know that everyone will look forward in seeing you in Aug I wish I was going to be on that cruise with everyone but have to settle with a 5 day with dd and grandkids


Prayers are still winging there way to you from MN. They have never stopped. I'am glad you are getting to do some of the things you enjoy, just keep on keeping on.
Looking forward to seeing you again in Aug.


Good to see you online again, Ronda. Sorry about the scan news, but keeping many prayers for you....

It's so good to hear that you are going to do all that traveling and going to that class reunion. Good for you!

Always keeping you in my prayers....


Hi Sweetie! Not the news I wanted to hear, but God has his own agenda and it sure doesn't revolve around MY wishes. Please take some degree of comfort in the knowledge that everyone here is pulling and praying for you and eventual success in this battle and war. Looking forward to seeing you in August. God Bless you.


Hi Ronda, while trying to think of a response to give you, I couldn't come up with just the right words, but Calgon has said it best for me. God does things in His own time, and in His own way, and it's up to us to place our Faith & Trust in Him. You will be in my thoughts & prayers, and please, rest in knowing that we're all here for you, praying for you.:angel =hug


Glad to see your post but sorry to hear the news. I agree, Calgon has said it best. Enjoy your trip.


Mariposa, my wishes for a better prognosis are included with all the others. You are a go-getter with all the plans you have made. Hopefully, God will be able to fulfill them...and many more. It's important to have plans and goals, whether ill or not. The journal is an excellent motive to continue towards better health and a longer life.

I had a hard time reading portions of your post. I can't imagine how depressing it can be and don't wish to experience ANY of what you have experienced. Along with our prayers, you can only do your best and keep journalling.


Mari so glad to see a post from you today. Sorry news not as good as we all were praying for. Your life book will be interesting I am sure to anyone as you have shown such strength and insite in your messages to the board and some of us separetly. Good wiishes vibes and prayers go to you every day. See you in Aug.