not seeing any progress in my treatments



Peace, strength, and God's healing powers to keep you strong and extend your lifetime way beyond whatever the doctors could predict .... that is my prayer for you today, tomorrow and forever!

While I wish the news were better I am so glad to see your post here today! While I was away last weekend I saw the most beautiful swallowtail butterflies (at least to me they looked like swallowtails). They were beautiful...just like you! William Wordsworth wrote, "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky." My heart leaps up when I behold a butterfly....I think of you! I always will!

Keep making plans, looking forward and having faith!


Mari.........if anyone can continue to fight and achieve the goals that you have set, it's YOU. As always, you continue to inspire me with your strength and determination. Sending all those good thoughts and prayers that you need. And some hugs!!

Donna - dsw

Mari - you amaze me every time I hear from you! You have the strength and wonder of more than anyone I know. My thoghts and prayers are with you and belive me - God knows you are one of the good one's!

Jill B

I am not good with words; I can only echo what everyone else has said. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Mariposa.


Sweetie, you know we're all pulling for you with eveything we've got. Prayers and good thoughts are abounding. SunFlower and I are still planning on linking up with you to give some of those hugs in person. Besides, she want to meet my girlfriend in person. The HIE (where we're staying) doesn't have much of a public room, but I'm sure we can find a coffee shop or something to sit, chat, pray and hug in ...


Mariposa, in trying to find the right words to express my thoughts upon reflection of this news, I came across the following. It was written by you about a year ago, and has stuck with me ever since I first read it. "Each life is so unique and full of beauty. Please know that you are one of a kind and very special."

Thank YOU for continuing to inspire us. Thoughts and prayers continue daily. Hang in there, friend.



You are always in my thoughts, you are such an inspiration to everyone!


Hi Mariposa. I am saddened as well to read your news, and although I do not know you personally, off the board here, you have inspired me to be a stronger person because I see your fight, and how strong you are. I am sending the best of wishes that all goes your way in the next few months. Enjoy that train ride, I just did one with my little sister and it was a blast! =hug