Not what Pucci and I expected


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A week ago, I tripped on the carpet in my house (carpet - not throw rug), fell and severely lacerated my right knee. Laceration is 8 inches long, subcutaneous stitches and 46 staples. Am not allowed to bend the knee. Was hospitalized until Tuesday. My Doctor wanted me to go into rehab, but I said NO NO. Went to Jean's, and immediately knew I had made a mistake - I was far, far too weak. So I was hauled into rehab the evening before last. Don't know how long I'll be here but the estimate is three weeks. And, yes, my cruises are safe.

Email from here is not yet set up, otherwise I would have sent an email instead of posting.

Pucci is beside himself...and so am I. :(

Please hold off on email for now, until I know I can send/receive. Thank you.

My thanks to Charles for posting email for me.

Donna - dsw

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Oh my gosh lady! So happy you are not hurt worse than you are - but so sorry to hear this! Hope you heal quickly and so glad you realized you needed rehab! REST! REST! and get more REST!


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I am so sorry to hear this. Glad you decided to go to rehab & hope this heals quickly. Happy to hear that your cruises are safe.


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I KNEW something was wrong!!! Get better quick and I am looking forward to hearing better news from/about you soon. XOXO


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Thank you Mike, Donna, Kathy, Charles and Corky. I don't like to blast my every move on the internet.

I made a bet with myself that my original post would be moved.......
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Oh no Mary sorry to hear about you fall. Please get well soon! Georgie, Louie and Henry send their love too!


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Sis, I know you're not happy where you are, but you'll probably heal better there.

And just remember, my little Romeo would rather have his Mommy all better so he doesn't have to worry about her!


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Well dogonnit! What are we going to do you with you? I am VERY sorry to hear you are not doing well. Please take it easy and get all better. Sending healing thoughts your way along with scritches for Pucci. I am sure he is not a happy camper either . . . .


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Thank you all so much! I don't have email yet as I said so this is how I can communicate for now.

Audrey - how is your thyroid?

Denise - who is Henry?

While it was a bit of a rough start here, everything straightened out and they couldn't be nicer. I miss Pucci but I know this is the best to get me stronger quickly - Pucci kept going to the garage door looking for me (that's the last place he saw me) and wouldn't eat. That's improved a bit now.


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OMG! Mary Ann, Joe & I are soo sorry to hear about your accident. This has to be difficult for you and Pucci. Sending lots of hugs and prayers for you to heal quickly. Think positive.


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Yikes... I had a feeling UNEXPECTED GUESTS was code for MY KNEE HURTS. I was so hoping I was wrong. Please take care, we'll all be rooting for you to be home in no time. Kiefer and Asha send O's and X's (as do we).
We are so sorry to hear this Maryanne, I had hoped when I saw you were missing in action that it was just your computer problems again. Please get well soon. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Les and Dot.