Not what Pucci and I expected


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Mary Ann - now that I have a moment, I was at work earlier, when I quickly sent my mssg.....

I just knew that something was wrong with you. I had this premonition just two days ago and you have been weighing on my mind. I was going to call you tomorrow to check up on you, but now that you are in rehab I will look forward to reading your posts here, telling us how well you are getting along. :doubleup:

Please get well soon, you have dealt with this knee long enough. Good luck and take care. XOXOXO


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I guess all our premonitions have been working full time, becaquse I wondered the same thing. Instead of fast forwarding the time to our cruise, Let's fast forward your healing process, so all of us will be happier. At least at rehab, they have the equipment to move you when you need to be moved, so you can get better faster. The furries send get well woofs and tail wags, and your little birdie buddy sends "I LOVE Mary Ann" chirps. We send get well wishes and notes to Pucci that Mommy will be home soon. Many thanks to Jean for all her help!


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Oh my! I was concerned as I hadn't seen you post in a while, and I now see I had reason to be. We all send our thoughts, prayers and love. I'm glad you reconsidered rehab--all the best for a full recovery. Hugs.


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Again I thank you for all your kind remarks, good wishes and prayers. They help to balance all the crying I've done in utter frustration. Poor Pucci is a nervous wreck which affects me too.

Actual physical terrorpy should start Monday - lots of evaluation still going on.


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Mary Ann, I have been wondering where you were. This is not what I wanted to hear. I am so sorry you fell again. Hopefully rehab does a good job and you heal quickly and get back to Pucci in short time. I'll add you in my prayers.

J.E. M.

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I was woundering what was going on since you had not been posting for a while, but usually bad new travel fast so I was hoping you were just busy. Get better soon, prayers and good thoughts on the way, and best wishes on a speedy recovery.


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Just got home from work and sure didn't want to see this thread Mary Ann take care and do what needs to be done so you get home and back to Pucci. Love, hugs and prayers from here and from my 4 furry ones. Susan


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Oh Mary Ann so sorry to hear about your fall. Glad you went to rehab so that you will get better faster & back home to Pucci.


Still thinking abt you and Pucci Mary Ann-the rehab I was at let them bring in pets to see the patients-helped all patients and the moms and dads.


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This was not what we wanted to hear Mary Ann!
I too was a bit surprised about your absence, but as you had got unexpected guests so...

I remember my mothers doctor said a couple of years ago; be careful with the carpets, so you won't trip, especially if you're up walking at night. He couldn't be more right.

Denise - who is Henry?
You'll love him, he's so cute!
Just look in this thread:

Prayers for a quick recovery, so you can take care of Pucci and make all your cruises!



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I'll try this yet again. My reply keeps disappearing into cyberspace!:hammer:

Maw - yes, Pucci could come visit every day, but it would be harder on him to see me then be taken away so, at least for now, I'll simply talk to him by phone. He sat forlornly by Jean's garage door for 1-1/2 days pining for me because that's the last place he saw me when they brought me here to rehab.

Here, we've been taking care of paperwork and, as I said above, terrorpy starts on Monday.

The meals have been good, especially in comparison to the rehab place I went to post-op my knee replacements. My doctor, bless his heart, chose my room - I've got a little kitchenette with mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, little vanity, etc.

Erik - thanks for the link about Denise's new puppy, Henry. Brought a big smile to my face. As for your comment about carpeting, mine are wall to wall, not "throw rugs" that are dangerous. I appreciate your bringing up the point.

I was supposed to go see Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard this afternoon, but Jean's sister went in my place. I hope they're enjoying the show!


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Thank you for the update, Mary Ann. Just think of each terrorpy session as getting you one day closer to seeing Pucci. I can understand how a short visit would be hard on him. Neil, PizzaBoy, and I are rooting for you!!!


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Oh Mary Ann......this just breaks my's so unfair that these horrible things keep happening to you. I hope that you heal fast and completely and, of course,I'm sendiing scritches for poor Pucci.


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Mama Duck! Got a chance to get on-line and just read this. SunFlower and I are very concerned. Please follow the doctors instructions and rehab. Selfish though it may be, but we all need you back and in charge of the flock.


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I felt a bit of encouragement this afternoon. One of the Therapists came by informally late this afternoon and asked if I wanted to try some PT - I said sure, let's do some walking. Although she had to offer her arm for me to pull up from being prone in bed, I was able to get out of bed on my own for the first time this week - and I was thrilled. We walked for awhile until the knee laceration began to bark, but the Therapist said I did very well. I am hoping that PT will address my mobility issues in general, not merely the current problem.

Again - thank you for your good wishes, prayers and kind thoughts.

I again remind you that I won't have email and full functions on my compter unil sometime this week.


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ShipMaven, glad the PT came in yesterday for a informal visit yesterday for a "stroll" down 5th Ave. Get Well soon. Big Guy sends his meows.


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That'a really great that you were able to get out of bed a walk a little. That is really good! Now the work starts to get you strong enough to get home again.

I'm thinking of you