Not what Pucci and I expected

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Prayers and Hugs for you and Pucci for a quick recovery. Mainly (being very selfish) because I can't imagine Mama Duck not being front and center on our Duck cruise. Quack Quack Blessings always, Claire


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Oh my dear Mary Ann...I am sick to read this! Praying that you will be able to get home in jig time and that the healing process goes well. Many hugs and very special skritches for poor little Pucci who I am sure is just beside himself!!


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Thank you, again, and best wishes/prayers for you tomorrow, Audrey.

I'm hoping my laptop is correctly configured now - keeping fingers crossed. Otherwise, a quiet day here.


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Mary Ann, so sorry to hear about this. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Do what the terrorpists tell you, but then again, you know the drill!!

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WOW Mary Ann

This was a shock to come home and find that you fell again and injured your knee badly.

Prayers that PT and healing go well and you will quickly recover.

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MaryAnn, you have been in my thoughts of late. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a awful fall. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. I hope that this rehab center will help you above and beyond your expectations.


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This was a FULL day today, and I was only helped back into bed a few minutes ago. I'm wiped out.

I was taken to the wound specialist this morning - 9:15am appointment. Although it's not my style, I'll hurl every expletive deleted I can think of (or that anyone can contribute) against him. He (unfortunately) has an excellent reputation in his field - but I'd like to tell him where to go and how quickly to get there. He has the personality of a coiled rattlesnake and the gentleness of a hippo walking over you. Even though I had taken a pain pill, cutting the packings off hurt like the dickens. He complained that the Ace bandage should have been further down on my foot, so I had no qualms telling him and his nurse that no one (doctors, nurses) could reach him - the way he had it wrapped was cutting off the circulation and they HAD to take action. He and his nurse said no one ever called - at which point I asked them to explain why I couldn't get through either. Silence. Since it had been ten days, he decided the staples could be removed. The pain was horrendous. I asked if they couldn't at least spray the area with Lidocaine to ease the pain. No. And they continued the torture. I was livid. I've had staples removed previously on my knees. Nothing ever remotely approached this.

On a happier note, I had my first PT and OT sessions today - several hours worth. They could not have been nicer! Yes, I'm sore but it's to be expected. The hospital-type bed feels comfy on my back!


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Although it's not my style, ...
Now, tell us how you really feel about the wound specialist ...

A couple suggestions -

From SunFlower ... Once you escape the rehab, you might want to consider looking into hiring a personal trainer - to assist you in strengthinging the musculo-skeletal systems and improving any balance issues ...

From Calgon ... Make it a cute one. Heck you could even take him with you on your cruises ....
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Well, Mary Ann, we'll just all have to hope that the fleas of 20,000 camels infest the armpits (and other areas) of the wound specialist, and on top of that, we'll wish a massively cut knee upon him and let you assume his role. Wouldn't it be nice to remove staples from every part of his anatomy, after pouring vinegar on top of each one "to sterilize" each one? Do we need to find a voodoo doll for you in his image so that you can practice??? While we're at it, let's add a few fleas to the nurse for not answering phone calls? Yes, I know this isn't nice, but I see jerks like those two every day and there is absolutely no reason ANY medical professional, or for that matter, anyone, should behave in this manner. It is just plain NOT acceptable! I'm wondering if a letter (documentation, documentation, documentation) to the county and state Medical Societies might be a wise idea. Kudos to the terrorpists for being so kind to you, and please tell them how much it means to you for them to be that way.

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Sorry to hear that the specialist was a schmuck. Like you I have met more than my share of Docs, and it always seems like its one extreme or the other. They are either soft spoken with the bed side manner of a saint or they are a complete ass. We hope you are soon on the mend and away from that schmuck.



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Follow-up on Jacquie's suggestion ... I can provide you with a VooDoo Doll. Of course, it bears a strong resemblence to a certain GloBug! Complete with the fleas ...


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I suggested to her this afternoon that I could send a couple of Guidos from Joisey City out to take care of him!!! :hammer:


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So sorry to hear that the wound specialist is a...well let's say donkey! Many hugs and of course prayers and good wishes continue!


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Sorry for what you went through, it never should happen to any patient. I suspect that this website isn't strong enough to handle the "expletive deleteds" we really want to supply you with. Just know we are all wishing him a thousand staples in parts we can't mention, and you winning the patient lottery to remove them with pliers...

Hugs your way, and scritches to the Prince and many thanks to Jean.


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I have no idea why some people think being rude and arrogant are the way to behave. I just hope his skills with wound healing is worth putting up with his lousy attitude. Keep up the good work and hurry home.


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I apologize for venting but appreciate your sympathetic comments...and, Mike, I especially like your description of him.:biggrin: :clap: There is no excuse for his sadistic behavior.

Jacquie - Let's start collecting those fleas! And I should be able to get some baseball bats as one of the spring training fields is close by, Gramma Ann. As for voo-doo, though, I think I'll pass, Calgon. True story - I was at a party many, many years ago when we still lived in NYC. We were sitting on the floor in a circle and the doll and needles were passed from person to person. When it got to me, I chose a news-making anti-American world leader (what else is new?) and punctured his stomach with needles. When I got home later that night, I developed the worst stomach ache I could ever remember experiencing!!!! Glo - LOVE your idea for the staples and pliers. I'll even buy them from the store where you work so you can get credit for the purchase!

Thanks, Friends, for putting a smile on my face. Sis - send your guys from Joisey!