Not what Pucci and I expected

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ShipMaven, hoping the Specialist that you saw this summer can come see you in Rehab. :sunny: There's a artic in Cruise Travel Magazine on Crystal Serenity. (ship of the month).

Get Well Soon. Big Guy sends his meows.


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Mary Ann,

Came here to check and see how things are going. I'm so sorry your spirits are low. Please know you have so many of us here thinking of you and praying for you.

Glad you have lost 5 pounds. I for sure have found them for you.....


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Mama D, I'm relieved you checked in. You have been on our minds. I haven't wanted to bother you as I am sure you are busy with just healing. Haven't you got Pucci set up as a service dog yet? I am sure VITAL TO MENTAL WELL BEING is a valid category! XOXO

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Mary Ann, healing thoughts and hugs from Down here. Sorry to read of all you have been through. Praying you will be home with Pucci very soon.

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I have been MIA from the boards for the last month and am so sorry to read of your fall Mary Ann. I know it must be depressing for you to keep going through these issues with your knees. I hope your rehab will continue to find you getting better and stronger and on your way back home to Pucci.

I send good wishes and some friendly hugs. Stay positive.



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Mary Ann, is Pucci able to "visit" you? So sorry to hear your spirits have been low....I can understand that though...wishing you better days ahead and a speedy recovery.


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I appreciate your kind thoughts and comments. The wound doctor is supposed to see me tomorrow - I'm anxious to see what's what. If he doesn't impress me, the wound specialist I saw this summer will take care of me...and I'm fine with that.

Thank you for the cards, email, etc. There is no set time for PT and OT, which is one reason I've asked for no phone calls. I never know when I'll be out of the room or when nurses, doctors or aides are in here.

I'm catching up on work, which keeps me busy.

As for Pucci, yes he IS allowed to visit but he is sooooooooooo attached to me that it would be far worse for him to come here, spend some time and then be taken away. The past 2-1/2 weeks have been very traumatic for him. I still can't get over his coming and laying by me, head on my thigh, when I lost my balance at Jean's house, Jean telling me that he shook so violently when she held him as the Paramedics lifted me up off the floor, and then he sat by Jean's garage door for a day and a half looking for me after I was taken to rehab - that's the last place he saw me.

More later...hugs and God bless to all. You can't imagine how much I appreciate your good thoughts.



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We're all hoping that you'll be back at home with Pucci in no time and that neither of you will have to worry anymore. please let us know what the wound specialist thinks!


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I hope the summer wound specialist will be taking care of you. We all miss you and care deeply. I wish I knew a way to help Pucci. :(

Best always.



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Pucci knew the best medicine for his Mama. :sunny: Love always makes owies better. Hope it works it's magic quickly, so you can get home to Him!


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Looking forward to reading more positive news in the very near future. I do hope Pucci is able to weather your storm and absence. Just get all better.


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Poor Pucci....I was afraid that would be the case Mary Ann that it would be too hard on him to visit. Probably be hard on you to see him leave too. Take care, heal quickly so you can be together again soon!