Now for something completely different


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I'm going cruising . Week tomorrow off to AK for a relaxing trip on a ship... a real ship.....

Seems no one here goes much anymore.. Thought I would just rub it in a bit. :sailor:

Krazy Kruizers

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Bon Voyage!!

Have a great Alaskan cruise.

If the doctors had been able to repair my spine, we would be cruising as well. We used to cruise a lot -- have over 150 cruises. But those days are over for us.


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What you talkin about?o_O I jest came back on the 26th, was on the Radiance Ots, had a great time, 9 day cruise, 6 ports, as for the weather it ranged from cold, wet, rainy, cloudy & warm & sunny, an I wanna go again. So there!!!:p


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yes back last Friday and up to here in Alligators. First of all was locked out of this site by gremlins and then other things happened..Got all my pics downloaded now just need a kick in the you know what..
hang in there.