Now I'm just scared!!!!


The Works

Okay!! Now I've had enough!

Let's just run it down.

1. I'm from the south...nah, don't whine about discrimination.
2. I'm part white...nah, don't whine about discrimination.
3. Grandma well she was black. And she didn't whine about discrimination
4. Big daddy.. well he was half American Indian...and he didn't whine about discrimination
5. Big Mama...well what can I say? She was Irish/English... and didn't whine about discrimination.
6. I have a big butt!! I don't feel discriminated against!
7. My husband is Anal!! He doesn't feel discriminated against!

You get my point!!!

We are ALL children of God! Judge not lest ye yourself be judged.

Now let's move on!


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The Works,
I couldn't agree with you more, time to move on :thumb

Edited to add a word I forgot to type in.

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