Now it's Pucci's turn


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Pucci has always been a high jumper, and even at the age of 12, he jumps onto our bed with ease. He went to the bedroom shortly before I last night - I heard a strange noise, and went in. I found blood splattered all over the blanket, his bed atop mine, etc. My heart was in my throat. He sat still for me as I tried to examine him - his left hind foot was bloodied. I thought his nails looked strange - brought him to the Vet this morning. One nail is completely torn out. :( OUCH!!! They took care of him, treated his "footsie" with antibiotics and dressed it. They'll check it tomorrow when I bring him in for grooming.

Needless to say, Mommy didn't get much sleep last night.


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Oh poor baby! That must have hurt the little guy. Hope he heals well and Georgie and Louie send healing whoof to their friend.


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Oh no!!! Any idea what happened? Did his nail get caught in a loop in the carpet? Poor little guy....I'm sure that is a real ouchie!

Hugs to you both.


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Thanks, Denise - and, of course, Georgie and Louie. I cringe. As I was stripping the bed a few minutes ago, I found his toenail about 3 feet away from the bed. I have no clue how Pucci could have done that.

And thanks to the rest of you who replied while I was writing. No chance it got caught in the carpet. This is a mystery. The little guy is VERY quiet today and is sticking closer to me than usual (if that's possible).
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Pucci, Pucci, Pucci, how in the world did you manage to do that? Were you trying to hide your stash of Bank of Bruce MasterQuack cards? Bandit and Cocoa asked me to send get well woofs and tail wags. Bandit also asked me to tell you that you need to have your Mommy help you onto the bed just like he does. We all hope you get better fast, and we're sending hugs to your Mommy too.


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My heart just dropped when I saw this thread just now. OMGosh, Mary Ann, I can very much imagine what you went through, having just gone through all this heartache. I don't care what non-dog people say, they are just like your kids... they get into situations you can't explain, and your heart flips over when they do. And I understand the "glued to your side" thing... it's their way of talking to you, and telling you they are hurt and scared and you are their center of all that feels comforting and right.

I am so sorry Pucci went through this, and that your heart flipped. I hope you are both feeling better tonight. Kiefer sends his wags and whimpers and trusts that Pucci understands that he understands very well what he is going through.

Kisses from Auntie Glo to his paw, because we all know kisses make it better...


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Like Glo I just saw the thread and my heart flipped. I am so sorry this happened and know how very painful it must be. Anytime one of my 4 even barks wrong I'm on edge. They are like my kids. Hope Pucci heals fast and is soon back to his old self. Susan