Now it's Pucci's turn


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Thank you all so much. He was soooooooo quiet and looked sooooooooo forelorn yesterday. He played with (ate) his chewie in bed last night (good sign), then curled up and went to sleep...which allowed Mommy to do the same. He had been nipping at his bandage last night, and I kept saying NO.

When we got up this morning and he jumped off the bed normally, I noticed something missing - his bandage - and he was prancing around like "neener, neener, neener". He'll get checked over today, so we'll see.

I hope all the other furbabies that are of concern to their "Parents" are doing well.


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OMG! Poor Pucci. That had to really hurt. I hope he feels better today. also, his mommy is doing better also.

Give Pucci a love scratch from us.

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Oh poor Pucci, (ouch). Sounds like he is healing nicely, hope he continues to do so.

My SIL built stairs for their dog when cody was a pup. They have one of those real high beds. Now you can buy stairs already made at the pet stores.


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Oh Mary Ann - my heart is in my throat so I can only imagine how you must have felt finding Pucci hurt! Lots of love and lap time for him while he heals and of course a big {{hug}} for you!



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Aww, glad your little buddy is recovering faster then you are! You must still be a bit shaken up seeing all that evidence of his injury. Pretty amazing how fast they feel better. Hugs to him, and hugs to you.


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Glad Pucci seems to be almost back to normal. Furbabies seem to bounce back so much quicker than humans! Hugs to Mom!


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Jennifer, I think it hurts us more! Because the "parent" in us wants to make it all stop and we are powerless. They are like your kids...


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Thank you all so much. Between the mysterious accident (HOW DID HE DO THIS) and then the Vet's office calling me yesterday to say they didn't think he was feeling well, I've been a nervous wreck (see note on the Aft Deck).

Yes, we hurt when our furbabies hurt.

Jennifer, tail wags and hugs back to Oscar the Shih-Tzu (thank you for your post), and Pucci sends tail wags to ALL his furbaby friends.


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Sorry to be so late in getting here . . . .Timber, Rylee and all of us are sending get well soon thoughts, tail wags and scritches to Pucci to get better real soon. No more getting hurt . . . .that is not authorized.