Now That's Chili !!



1 Lb. Ground Beef
1 Clove Garlic
1 Lg Onion Chopped
1 Med. Green Pepper (or use 1bag frozen chopped pepper)
4 T. Chili Powder
1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 t. Allspice
1 t. Cumin
1/4 t. Coriander
1/2 t. Salt
1/2 cup water
1 Can crushed Tomatos
1 Can Red Kidney Beans with water
Cayenne Pepper to taste

Cook Beef, garlic, onion and green pepper in heavy skillet over med-hi heat. Stir frequently to break up meat. Cook until onion is soft and meat has lost pink color. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to boil. Cover and reduce heat. Simmer chili at 45 min to 1 hour stirring frequently.

Serve with crackers and shredded cheese sprinkled on top!
Makes 8 servings

My family loves this meal. Easy to make ahead of time and freeze to warm up later when time is short.