Oasis in April - a few questions

Hello, we are heading on our first cruise April 16 and we are going big! :doubleup: Weve chosen the Western cruise as our first and are very excited reading a lot of posts about this amazing ship and these ports of call. Here are a few questions we have that I am sure some of you can shed some light on and than you in advance. This site is a great resource.

1. We took advantage of a guaranteed balcony promotional deal (z category) which means that we wont know our exact stateroom until the promotion has ended and they assign us our room. We are supposed to be overlooking one of the neighborhoods and we are ok with that. We are assuming we wont have much of a say in the matter as far as one room over the other, but has anyone else taken advantage of this promotion in the past and can share thier experience?

2. Is there anywhere on this large ship that is better than others to actually see the ocean? Ive heard that it can be a challenge sometimes on this monster.

3. Is there WiFi in your stateroom on the Oasis and if so, how much to they get ya per minute?

Thanks in advance.