Obstructed view cabin



I am going on the Golden Princess in January and have a cabin on the Emerald deck with an obstructed view. My room is between life boats - will that help? What will my view be like? I am wondering if I should upgrade.


We had an one of those cabins last year on the Golden. Your view will be extremely limited, mostly all you will see is just the life boat. Now you will get plenty of sunlight which is an advantage over an inside cabin. So I guess it really depends on which you value more: having a nice view or saving money?

We are not picky and are happy with an inside cabin so for us it was not worth it to pay more for an upgrade. Whatever you decide I know you'll have a great cruise!


If you are between lifeboats, you should see a little, but not much. As for upgrade, it depends, are you getting the outside because you are claustrophibic? and need to have 'daylight' or for the view. If it is for the view, I'd say upgrade.


Hi Jane. Take a chance and keep your cabin. If you don't really like it then next time you can book a cabin with a picture window. I think it is better than being in darkness on a inside cabin. At least you will know when it is daylight. I think you will have some view being between life boats. I would rather have that than no sunlight.


Actually, and this is kind of hard to picture, but if you're between lifeboats, there will be a large metal post about ten feet away, that supports the deck above you -- from which the lifeboats hang. Also, don't go by the deck map to tell if you're between lifeboats, because they are totally wrong. I was in an obstructed cabin on the Dawn Princess last summer in Alaska and I thought I was between boats, but...nope. I had one right in front of my window. I tried to get a "downgrade" to an ocean view on the lowest deck, but the ship was all booked. I will always avoid obstructed views. To me they're like inside cabins with diffused sunlight.