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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by KatJan, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. KatJan

    KatJan Guest

    Just received confirmation for Peat Taylor in Ocho Rios. I have heard nothing but great things about it. Any feedback?
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    You will have a great time on Peat Taylor's tour. He is terrific. :thumb Good choice for Ocho Rios.
  3. nrichard

    nrichard Guest

    What is Peat Taylor charging you? We are going to use him in October on the Century. Did you email him or call? Last I heard it was $25.00pp. Has this gone up?
  4. KatJan

    KatJan Guest

    I emailed him and he responded in a timely fashion. He is now charging $30USD for adults and $20USD for children under 12. We will be sailing on the Voyager of the Seas the week of October 27 and will be in Ocho Rios on October 30.
  5. Gigi

    Gigi Guest


    Used peat last year I would do it again if we go back:)
  6. Hello,

    I will be in Ochio Rios on 9/6/02 what kind of tour does Pete's provide ?
  7. Wanda

    Wanda Guest

    This is the tour I've heard about. Where can I find information about this???
  8. KatJan

    KatJan Guest

    His tour includes Dunn's River Falls (his fee does not include admission to the park), a tour of the Jamaican countryside and Fern Gully. I understand that he will accommodate everyone's wishes. He will drop you off for shopping and/or beaches. He will arrange to pick you up to return you to the ship. His tour takes 4-5 hours. His website is:

    or you can email him at:
  9. Wanda

    Wanda Guest

    Thank you so much! I'll have a look at the web site right now.
  10. Actually, according to the confirmation I got from him, the $30 fee DOES include the admission to Dunn's River Falls. We'll be there on the Century on September 16th.
  11. Bob in CT

    Bob in CT Guest

    We had his tour last Jan and he was so busy, he passed us off to an associate who IMHO did not do a great job at all.
  12. KatJan

    KatJan Guest

    I thought the fee was included also, but I read a review by "Dena" dated 8/4/02 and it does not sound like it was. She said they paid $10 to get in and $8 for locker rental, which you get $3 back when you return the key. So I'm not sure about the charge or not.
  13. CarolR

    CarolR Guest

    Just checked my confirmation, the fee of $30 pp and $20 per child is inclusive of admission to the falls.

  14. Wanda

    Wanda Guest

    My confirmation also says that the 30.00 does include the admission. I can't wait.
  15. There is a review under Celebrity Century (can't remember who wrote it, sorry!) that said they paid $10 to get it, and then they paid Peat $20 at the end of the tour. So have cash with you. Also, plan on tipping him. Not sure what constitutes a "good tip" though....
  16. Explorer

    Explorer Guest

    Just got back from Pete's tour.... you'll love it. He made our trip very memorable.
  17. monty95

    monty95 Guest

    We have booked his tour as well for the week of 12/1 (Ocho Rios is our last stop on the Paradise). I hope we don't get a substitute as Bob did. We've booked well enough in advance and primarily because of his reputation on these message boards.
  18. I hope that this answers your question. We were on the May 11, 2002 cruise to Ocho Rios on the Explorer and went on Peat's tour. Apparently the rate to get into Dunn's had recently gone up from $6 to $10 per person. As it turned out, Peat charged us $20 and had us pay our own admission to the falls. So the total fee was $30 (this doesnt include any cost inside the falls such as locker rental). This increase was supposed to take care of the "tips" for the falls guides but they still ask for money anyway. For a complete commentary on the tour you can read my May 25, 2002 Explorer review. Have a great time.

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