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Ocho Rios

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by The Nuge, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. The Nuge

    The Nuge Guest

    I've been on many cruises thru RCI previously and have had a number of poor experiences in Ocho Rios. However, I would still like to give it another try. This will be my fiances first cruise and need to find something that is easy and enjoyable. I know we will include Dunn's since she is really interested in that.....What else? Suggestions?
    Anyone taken the party cruise over to the falls? Thank you in advance for all responses!!!

    -The Nuge
  2. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    I highly recommend Peat Taylor for an unforgettable tour of Ocho Rios. His tour includes Dunn's River Falls as well as Fern Gulley and many other worth while sites. You must book with him and not thru the cruise line. His email addy is "oneiltay@cwjamaica.com". I think he now has a website but I don't know the address. Perhaps someone else has this info.
  3. doreen

    doreen Guest

    Can you warn me about the poor experience? I'm stopping in Ocho Rios in May.

  4. The Nuge

    The Nuge Guest

    Please do not be detered to enjoy this beautiful island because of a couple bad experiences. I do not feel it is representive of the island but to fulfill your request I will give an overview of what happened. First off is the CONSTANT heckling. Everything is for sale and you are ridiculed if you ever politely pass on the merchandise. When being bused to Dunn's first cruise, the bus driver took off with everyone's stuff on board and left us all stranded at the falls. Had to hire a taxi to spped us to the ship on time. Second visit, I walked over to the beach, was charged an "entrance fee" by a group of men and then rented a questionable jet ski. My mistake I guess. The jet ski "accidentally" ran out of gas in the bay and had to be towed in. Men wanted tip for towing me in and I refused since they didn't provide sufficient fuel. When leaving I was followed until a police patrol scared them off. Needless to say, there are many great reviews on lots of boards for Jamaica. I unfortunately had bad experiences and want to try and avoid them by better planning.

    -The Nuge
  5. doreen

    doreen Guest

    That does sound awful. Am I safe if I take the tour thru the ship? I wouldnt dare go it alone. I noticed the plantation/fam tour along with the Falls. What do you think.
  6. The Nuge

    The Nuge Guest

    Of course you will be safe. Do not let a couple of experiences soil a great experience. If you are concerned, then make sure you book through the ship. If going to the Dunn's River Falls and shopping tour, make sure you do not leave anything on the bus or with someone you don't know. Most times the lines do not really verify the excursions, however, so long as you stay within a group, you will have an enjoyable time. Please go and enjoy your trip. With a little awareness and safety within a group, you will have no worries.

    -The Nuge

    p.s. Can't vouche for the plantation on Jamaica, however there are good reviews everywhere. Anyone have experience with this to help?

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  7. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    We went by "Yacht" right off the dock to the falls. This was a few yrs ago now however. Punch was available. Worked fine and you didn't have to put up with anyone pestering you. The beach at the falls is usable also.
  8. The Nuge

    The Nuge Guest


    I would like to hear any more info you might have on this excursion. What line was it through? Anything would help. A party cruise and the Falls would be a great activity.

    -The Nuge
  9. cruisemom2

    cruisemom2 Guest

    We did the Cool Runnings party boat to Dunns River Falls and really enjoyed it. I thought Ocho Rios was beautiful, but didn't spend a lot of time roaming around there on our own like we've done in other places. We only walked around near the ship for a short time due to all the people trying to sell us stuff. We're going back in May and will be doing the river tubing and hope to have time to visit the new Island Village and Margaritaville. It wasn't there when we were in Jamaica in November 2001.
  10. The Nuge

    The Nuge Guest


    Did Cool Runnings pick you up from the pier and did it take you back? Once up the Falls, how do you get back to the party boat? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

    -The Nuge
  11. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    T N
    is was rcl but it was too long ago now to rely on who did what. sorry.
  12. marjmy

    marjmy Guest

    We did the Peat Taylor excursion as well, this is a very good and reputable man who will give an honest tour of the Island and a trip to the falls. We felt very safe with him. He will do anything you ask and go anywhere your wish. You cannot go wrong with this fellow.
  13. Don

    Don Guest

    Here's Peat Taylor's web site. http://www.geocities.com/peattaylor/

    He's every thing the other posters say he is. Don't worry about booking through the cruise ship. Book directly with Peat Taylor. We went to the falls, Fern Gully and a drive deep into the mountains. He told us about the history of the island, as well as pointed out many of the different plants growing. Stopped at a couple of tourist shops, but absolutely no pressure to buy anything. And he got us to Dunns River Falls before the crowds, which made a big difference. Have fun, and "Don't worry, Mon!"

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