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Oh, Captain, What Do We Win If We Guess Right??

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Glam, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Tread

    Tread Guest

    Thanks Ali, you are too sweet. And even though we have hda fun here, just WHERE is the Captain with this cruise info? HHHHMMMMM ? ? ? ?
  2. Tread

    Tread Guest

    Well, we made a hundred, but ALI ! ! ! ! We do NOT need that kind of visual on the board! :lol :lol
  3. Glam

    Glam Guest

    Yes, I'm being bad because of all of you! :lol Don't I do blame just as good as my mother? :grin I wanna see that gif! :lol Fitting that the mouth should be post 100, eh? :gabby
  4. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Well Tread you did it...number 100 on the post! :lol
  5. Glam

    Glam Guest

    You guys are too fast for me! Good night sweet thangs! =hug
  6. Tread

    Tread Guest

    Good night sweetie. And thanks for the fun Ali. I will sign off for the night as well. 5 AM comes awful early in the morning . . . . .

    Post Edited (11-19-03 01:23)
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Me too..nighty nite...beer deliveries in the morning..no fun!! Sleep tight, don't let the cruise bugs bite. :lol
  8. Jill B

    Jill B Guest

    Wow!!! what a fun thread!!! You made over 100 :lol :lol :lol :thumb
  9. Nessie

    Nessie Guest

    ah....did I miss something! :)
  10. Budracer

    Budracer Guest

    Glad I could contribute.
  11. John

    John Guest

    Well, Well, Well..... What do we have here. It started with talk of Cozumel and ended with logo thongs and men in a shower full of women. :)

    So you might want to know why Cozumel is a must?

    I think its one of the best ports anywhere! Great food, Good people and the best Margarittas anywhere! Palmera's for drinks and lunch is surely one of the finer things in life. Then stop at Carlo's and Charlie's for some dancing on the tables! (thongs allowed).

    Alas, I think the WEST in the best when it comes to the Caribbean! :) Its what I call the "Fun & Sun" route.

    BTW, your guesses are very good and you almost got it. Look for more details today!
  12. WOW. Great job :thumb guys. Made it past 100 posts. I had fun, let's do it often.
  13. Ali

    Ali Guest

    John you're killin"us here! :lol :lol Now think about the thong in the logo wear for Tread. =blush
  14. Tread

    Tread Guest

    ALI! ! ! ! I told you I am NOT wearing a thong! ! ! ! Will you? :lol :lol
  15. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Looks like we missed some fun last night.....but you guys were up way too late for me!
  16. Ali

    Ali Guest

    and Denise...I'm paying for it now!!

    TREAD! Greenpeace puts out an all points bulletin when I put on my bathing suit. No way babe, no thong for me! PIG!! :lol :lol
  17. Glam

    Glam Guest

    WHAT A TEASE!!!!!!!!! Captain, you are really good at this! I bet you never tell what someone's present or surprise is before the right time! NO SPOILING is good! Look how interested we got! :lol I like your take on Cozumel, I've never been or had the desire, now I do! (If only to see Tread dancing on a table in a pink boa! :grin)
  18. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    Oh what fun!!! Look what I missed last night. I'm so thrilled that I got to be interviewed by Katie Couric and I am on this group cruise.

    Methinks that in addition to Tread, we have a few more male stowaways hiding in the large ensuite bathroom. C'mon out guys, which of the rest of you are along for this fun group cruise! I have seen a few of you in pink wigs last year. Maybe some of you are onboard too??????????
  19. MimiSail

    MimiSail Guest

    I can't help myself--will Tread be bringing his noodle?
  20. surfergirl

    surfergirl Guest

    I just know you didn't have a migrane last weekend. Well, maybe a tiny one from eating too much sausage. Since I NEVER imbibe in the stuff, no dental floss needed here. :lol :lol
    Am anxiously awaiting the gif of Mr. Polar Bear in a thong, pink boa. Forget the feet! Might add 2 Tall to that gif also.

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