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Oh I hate to bring up the New Tipping Policy, but...

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by bogie, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    I totally agree. I really prefer the traditional way of tipping. We'll definitely give Celebrity a try one of these days. Thanks! :thumb
  2. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    I think HAL is a great line and I love them, I think Costa is a great line and I love them, I think Celebrity is a great line and I love them and I even love the old Carnival Fantasy for a shorty. It's all in what you want to cruise for I believe.

    They all appeal to someone for some reason and I'm not about to defend one line against another...especially since it seems they all keep merging together more and more. LOL

    As far as the tipping policies are now, I had a nice talk with my concierge and my dining steward both told me that the stewards in the cabins and the dining room get a list and know which pax are keeping the grats on the account and who are not. Were they telling the truth? I'd like to believe so. I would imagine that those who work on the ship and depend on the grats for their livlihood have a pretty good idea of what's going on. I also don't pay any attention to what other pax do or don't do with their grats or other gifts. I know what I do and I know how I get treated in return and on return voyages...and I've never been disappointed.
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    ditto, ditto, ditto

    I don't spend a speck of my time staring at other tables to see who is tipping and who is not. I don't even bother to 'register' in my mind if someone is giving a stevedore a tip. I know we do. How do I know or what do I care if the cabin next door tipped their steward? I know we tip.

    It is my clear understanding the stewards/concierges/supervisors know who removed automatic tipping from their accounts.

    I'm too busy looking at the beauitful ship as we arrive at the terminal; the beautiful flowers as we enter the dining room and enjoy the pretty flowers on each table; I'm too busy getting my cup of espresso in the Neptune Lounge to know if my neighbor is tipping the concierge. I know we do. THat's is really all that is my business IMO
  4. On the Mercury in Feb, tips could be added automatically at $10 per day. Since we were low on Cash, we did that , got the vouchers, and then added a bit more to those who deserved it.

    You are correct on X After 13 cruises they are definitely # 1 on our list, by a long shot.
    Service , food and friendliness of the crew set them apart from HAL and the others. Now the indonesian staff on HAL are very pleasant, but not the level of friendliness and involvement that X crew have.
  5. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Recommend that, before leaving home, you prepare tip envelopes for each crew member you'll be tipping (Cabin and Dining Room Stewards, Assistant Waiter, HeadWaiter). This eliminates the need to try to get envelopes somewhere, at the last minute.

    Include a note, in each, making clear that you have left the automatic tip on your account and that the enclosed cash is "above and beyond, just as their service was!" Put a business card in each envelope and a return address sticker on the outside. SunFlower and I still get Christmas cards and the occasional note from some crew members from cruises long past.

    I still tip (at the time of service) for room service. Canadian "toonies", US $2 bills and US $1 "Sacawegia" coins work best for this.
  6. bogie

    bogie Guest

    I hvae never had any problems finding envelopes...and I have never had to go ask for them at the front office. Try the library. There is ALWAYS a great stash of envelopes there, even on the last day, last night and even departure morning if you must wait to plan for it.
  7. theodorebpjr

    theodorebpjr Guest

    Just returned from 7 days in Zaandam. Gave it an "8", compared to a "9" for Constellation. On tipping, the new system de-persolalises the relationship between guests and stewards. No steward's name on table, or in room. Never found our cabin steward. Phoned front office for ice, etc. Dining head steward said they like the new tipping policy because some guests just won't tip.
  8. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I have been following this topic and feel that I agree with Lady Jag. I have only been on 4 HAL cruises and while it is a very good cruise line, it's not that much better than Celebrity or even Princess. As I said in my review, I always tip at least $1.00 a bag at check in and $10 cash at the Pinnacle Grill. As for tipping I like the $10 a day deal. It's that much less cash I have to bring. But unlike many other cruises, I did not tip extra in an envelope the last day.

    Since I switched cabins during the cruise, I met two cabin attendents. The first never bothered to introduce himself during the first 3 days we were in the room. We rarely saw him ( and could not recognize him anyway) so we took to writing him notes. We found his name in the info book on the table. When we first entered the cabin there was no extra T.P. roll and about 10% on the one roll we had. The Do Not Disturb sign was missing, we were short towels, and a few other items. He always followed our notes though and the room was always made up and clean. . Just not real friendly like on most other cruises.

    Cabin attendent 2 was a whole other story. Friendly, jovial, always around, efficient, talkative. Yet with the $10 a day I did not feel the need to tip extra. Our dining room waiter and his assistant were very good. But never called us by name, (In fact never asked), and very professional. Again, I did not feel the need to tip extra and as Lady Jag said, no one else seemed to tip extra either. I carefully watched many other tables and I saw no one tip extra. I am sure they had envelopes at the front desk, but none were visible. I tipped extra on HAL on my last cruise using those envelopes, even with teh $10 a day policy in effect.
  9. "You know what you saw and I wasn't there.

    But, I have been there over 45 times with HAL and never saw person after person stiffing the stevedores. I'm sure there a few here and there. Most people have more sense than to do that.......if they want to see their bags again.

    "I don't spend a speck of my time staring at other tables to see who is tipping and who is not. I don't even bother to 'register' in my mind if someone is giving a stevedore a tip. I know we do. How do I know or what do I care if the cabin next door tipped their steward? I know we tip. "

    S7S, your SPECKS of TIME must be larger then mine. HA, Ha, ha. huh.

  10. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Howdie, Barry. Good to hear from you.

    I was thinking of you and sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago. I guess you changed your addy as it came back undelivered.

    Hope you're both well and enjoying lots of cruises.
  11. DonBoston

    DonBoston Guest

    I just came off the Zuiderdam last Saturday. Frankly I thought the service was EXCELLENT !! I like the new tipping policy. I did tip my cabin stewerd $20.00 because he deserved it.
  12. DonBoston

    DonBoston Guest

    I sailed to Bermuda last summer on Celebrity Zenith and I loved it.
    Last week I sailed the Eastern Carribean on HAL Zuiderdam and I felt that was also very good.

    I would give Celebrity and edge for dinner. The quality of food, presentation and service level was better than HAL's but not by a huge amount.
    However for Breakfast and Lunch I found the Zuiderdam to be very much the equal of Celebrity Zenith for quality, selection ( better on HAL ) and service.
    HAL / Zuiderdam was considerably better with regards to room service.

    Both staff's were extremely helpful and friendly. Personally based on my two Cruises I could not tell where the tipping policy made ANY difference.

    Frankly, I found dealing with all the envelopes on Celebrity to be a major inconvenience. It forced me to carry more cash than I would have preferred.

    I did tip EXTRA cash on HAL to people that I felt deserved it. On Celebrity Zenith I had a Small Suite and was charged for a Butler, and do this day I don't know what he did.

    HAL and Celebrity are both very good cruise lines and I expect to use them both in the future.
  13. ABoatNerd

    ABoatNerd Guest

    The HAL Tipping Policy and Consequences:

    I love Celebrity and will continue to sail with them as their tipping policy is still based on INCENTIVES. What about that do people not understand? If you give someone $ in advance, their motivation to perform declines.

    There are 2 folks in my office who have sailed HAL alot, many on long world cruises. They say the service has declined and the servers attitudes are more "snarley" after the auto tipping.

    Auto tipping is generally a way for the cruise lines to make more $, no one has any GUARANTEE that the $ actually ends up with the staff. I am a suspicious person and I find this all too convenient for the cruise lines.

    Also, having the misfortune of having a job in a union environment, why would I want all servers (the best and the worst) to receive the same pay? That is what happend on HAL, the cruiseline standardizes the pay and everyone gets the same. Gee, what a downer for the most efficient and effective server. They then have to HOPE that people REMEMBER to give them additional $ for their better service.

    Another example of dumbing down the service to the lowest possible benchmark.

    No wonder myself and others in my office are considering reducing our cruising and returning to high end resort/spa and golf vacations.


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