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ohhh boy were gettin close

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jester95008, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    Yes , that's right , in 19 minutes , my buddy and I are at 38 days and counting until the cruise! 4 - day ecstacy . This is going to be a blast... How much longer till the cruise tickets will be sent to my travel agency? when should I contact them to pick them up?
  2. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Your docs could come anytime between now and up to a week before the cruise. It depends on several things. If you booked air through the cruise lines could effect when your docs come. If you have a guarantee or a specific room could effect when the docs come. When your docs show up your TA should notify you or send them on to you. They should check them over first to make sure they are correct.

    Don't panic on the docs yet. If you have heard nothing about 2 weeks out give TA a call just to see if they know anything about where the docs may be.
  3. ella

    ella Guest

    My experience with carnival is that, regardless of whether I had my cabin number or a GTD, I usually receive my docs about three weeks to two & a half weeks before the cruise. So, perhaps in about 16 days you should start looking! :)

    Every time the phone rings I bet this is the conversation in your house: "Hello, is this my TA - WHERE ARE MY TICKETS? Are they in yet, huh? Are they? Where are they? Huh Huh?" All of a sudden you realize that you have just relapsed and find yourself as an anxious 10 year old on Christmas Eve!

    Have fun!

  4. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    thanks for the info guys , Yea , I'm getting nightmares of that too and also , dreams of me flying down to the port on the day of the cruise and I forget all my ID's and so forth ... That happened to a guy one time on one of my cruises , they wouldn't let him on.. I'll explain on a new topic though..

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