Ok, any suggestions?


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Hi. Does anyone have a pre cruise hotel in Houston? Any suggestions about transportation from the hotel to the Bayport cruise terminal? Never cruised out of there before so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Gotta get this booked soon or Susan will kill me :)


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Gotta get this booked soon or Susan will kill me :)"

Suggest you take a cold shower and calm down....... Susan will not "kill" you she will just make your life not worth living.

Other than that we have never cruised out of there either so I have less clue then you do...............

George C

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I have not heard of any in the area, might just book a hotel by airport, both airports have a nice selection of hotels, we stayed earlier this year at doubletree by Hobby

Gayle V

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Wish I could help. We stayed three nights at the Houston Hilton on Oak Post, near the Galleria Mall. But we weren't there for a cruise, just visiting our son and DIL who live there now. This Hilton was fabulous. At bit fancier than we are used to. Son paid for the hotel with his points (he travels constantly so has lots of points). Anyway, we were in concierge level so really loved the concierge lounge. Great breakfast up there everyday. Really nice happy hour with extensive snacks too. Every part of the hotel was very nice. Beautiful , large roof top pool too, lots of lounges and cloth draped cabanas. They even had a grass lawn up on the roof too, so if you like laying out in the sun on a grassy area, it was like being on a picnic. And they had a free shuttle which we used to drive us to the store, and to our son's apartment. The Galleria Mall is HUGE and barely 1/4 mile away. (maybe even closer). .... Unfortunately this location is not very close to the port, being in the city, but on the western side. Probably the opposite side of the city from the pier. If you were planning on staying for a few days, it's a nice location. But if just staying for one night pre-cruise, it's likely more hotel than you need, or would want to splurge on. On the other hand, if you are going to vacation there for a few days, just ask and I'd be happy to recommend a few touristy things to do. We were really impressed with Houston, but no way would I ever want to live there. Their roads and traffic are so far beyond my ability to handle, I'd never drive again. Highways with seven or more lanes per direction and multiple levels (all going the same way, not crossing each other, just two sets of seven lanes to handle one direction. Yikes.) were just mind boggling.


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You kill me bob!! Had to chuckle becuse you're right.

It will be cool to cruise from Bayport. As a cruise t/a I still don't know much about it. It'll be fine to learn.

Gayle V

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Hi Mike, This is my answer to your message about what to do in Houston. I'm not sure how to work that message feature so I'll just answer here:

Well, one of my favorite places that we visited in Houston was the Bayou Bend Gardens. It was originally the home and land of the wealthy Hogg family from back in the 1920s. We were there at the end of April and the grounds were beautiful. We spent over three hours just wandering the gardens and ravine areas. We missed seeing much of the house, as it was about to be used for a private event. What we did see was beautiful. I would love to go back again.

We also went to Houston Natural History Museum. Excellent. Big place. Some great dinosaur exhibits. Be sure to allow enough time, as we only had about four or five hours and it wasn't enough. Also, it's located at a large park. There's a huge reflecting pond there that is reminiscent of the one by the Washington Monument, in DC. I wish we'd had more time there too.

One brief not-to-miss stop was the Water Wall, that is not far from the Galleria Mall. It's hard to describe this place. It's a huge curved (multi story high) wall that flows from the top to floor with falling water. It is such a strong fall that it roars . When I stood inside the curve of the wall, I had the same exhilarating feeling get standing at the base of a large natural waterfall. Maybe it's all the oxygen and ions in the air near a waterfall, but I loved it. The wall stands at the end of a nice park, that made a lovely spot to have an impromptu picnic lunch, which we did by simply pickup some buritos at a fast food place along the way.

And if you like to shop, that Galleria Mall is amazing. Huge. Never got to walk through most of it, as it is sprawling, with multi levels. Lots and lots of high end shops, and interesting smaller places too. There's even a ice skating rink inside. There is also a hotel attached to the mall, so you can walk right out the hotel, and into the mall. (can't remember the name) . They have valet parking at the mall, in case you are brave enough to be driving.

By the way, as you would suppose, there are tons of excellent Mexican food and steak places in Houston. And lots of other types too. Be sure to sample the food. If you are interested in some local color, and the biggest hamburgers you've ever had, try The Lankford Grocery . It's a small hole in the wall kind of place, that I would never have tried if my son and daughter in law hadn't raved about it. The burger I had could have been lunch for a week, but it was delicious. If hubby and I go back, we'll split one. (Each burger is at least half a pound.)

We also ate at a real Texas steak house, called Taste of Texas. Really good food, but still generally casual. Then for a very upscale evening we made reservations at Brennan's on Smith street. Very, very nice place. $$$++. Look up their web site so you can ask for a table where you'd like; fancy dinning rooms or courtyard. All amazing.

One place we didn't go, was Six Flags Amusement park. If we manage to bring along our grand kids next time, that will be on the itinerary.

Unfortunately we've only been able to visit for a few weekends since our son and daughter in law moved there. So that's about all I can report on, but there's so much more to do there. I wish we could spend more time.


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Thanks Gayle, that sounds great. A big steak in Texas sounds great! A big steak anywhere sounds great. Looking forward to our cruise and scrunching our toes in the sand.I'm sure Susan will be looking forward to your shopping suggestions. :)


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We found a good option.

We flew in to Hobby and stayed at the Marriott Hobby Airport South. It was very nice. Had an airport shuttle and the shuttle would take you anywhere local as well. Great service.

From the hotel we used ÜBER for the first time. Transport from the Hobby area to Bayport was $75 minimum. Über was at the hotel about 10 minutes after we posted and the charge was $33. Again, great service.