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Ok....choose horseback riding in Skagway now who do we call?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Kwilson51, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Kwilson51

    Kwilson51 Guest

    We have decided on the horseback riding tour through the yukon. Sounds like we will see great things and the kids will have a better time them sitting in a train.

    Now for the big question...I found two different tour operators that do this tour (maybe there are more) Yukon Horseback Adventures and Southeast Tours. Anyone done either of these tours. Good - bad's - inbetweens?
  2. dusty

    dusty Guest


    although i have not done the horseback riding in skagway, i have read many messages here and on other boards that southeast is the best one. are yukon and southeast the same? i thought i had read that they had changed their name to yukon? anyway, they say that southeast is the one that goes to emerald lake. they say it is not too be missed and is raved about. i wish i were able to see it on my next trip but i wont be able to fit that into my port tours. go to their site www.southeasttours.com and see what you think and then compare the two. 6 of my family members went on the southeast ride monday of this week. when they get home on sunday and i get a report i will post it so everybody can see what they think. im sure the kids will like it alot better than the train.
  3. Night rider

    Night rider Guest

    The Yukon horseback was the best tour we had gone on. We were picked up by Southeast in new vans and transported to the Emerald Lake Ranch. The ranch was really unique with many antiques, origional old trappers cabin, balcksmith shop and other unique buildings. The horses were all fat, healthy and very well behaved which was great to see. The tour was fantastic with the views Emerald Lake being breathtaking, we also stopped in the mountains to view for wildlife then trailed through the mountains back to the ranch.

    I would recommend this tour highly, the guide Joni was born in the Yukon and has worked in the wilderness most of her life, interesting lady. We all got to visit in the cook house and had great cakes and cokes to drink after the trail ride.

    Let us know what you think of the tour when your done.

  4. didan

    didan Guest

    We booked the Yukon Horseback Adventure through Southeast Tours for our cruise in August. My understanding is that this is the same tour - Joni owns the horseback riding portion and Southeast Tours provides the transportation to the Emerald Lake ranch. You could email Southeast Tours just to be sure - they were very responsive to questions I had.
  5. wendy z

    wendy z Guest

    rent a car and do it yourself. We had a great time last week in an Avis rental car for a drive to Carcross. then we went horseback riding with Joni at yukonhorses.com. Tell her i said hi. sheis a pleasure to deal with..
  6. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    How can I get pricing for doing this tour? I didn't see it anywhere...What is the going rate?

    Thank you,
  7. dusty

    dusty Guest

    i think my sister said it was $149 plus tax per person, but she said it was worth every penny. i thought i saw it on the site somewhere though. did you try southeast tours. that and yukon are the same, or combined.
  8. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    We did it on our just completed Summit cruise...
    Yes, Southeast does it as a cooperative venture with Yukon Horses...
    Southeast will drive you from Skagway to Emerald Lake and back, making a couple of photo stops along the way...about two hours each way...
    Yukon Horses (Joni) provides about a two hour horseback ride plus the aforementioned cake and soft drink snack...
    The entire package is about six hours...
    We paid $149 per person--NO TAX...
  9. Kwilson51

    Kwilson51 Guest

    We have booked the Yukon Horseback tour with Joni. She is so nice. I can't wait. Thanks for all your ideas. I will let you know how it goes...but if you are looking for a great tour with lots of things to see and an adventure for your family, this seems to be it!!!!!

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