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OK, just off the Caribbean Princess today, 5/22, ask me your questions!

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by marye, May 22, 2004.

  1. marye

    marye Guest

    Just got off today. Had a wonderful time, the ship is beautiful. Had fabulous service. We had Personal Choice and had no problems getting seated. Even managed to snag a window table for the last three nites of the cruise wihout a hitch. We did eat early, as B-I-L is diabetic and needed to keep to his normal food schedule. Sabatinis was terrific, and just can't say enough about the professional and friendly service all over the ship!
  2. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    Also just off the Caribbean Princess. Our cruise was a disaster for non-ship reasons.
    Our cabins were not great for different reasons, inadequate sleeping accomadations for three in one cabin, while the other two had noisy balconies because of proximty to ventilation system. Also the A/C seemed inadequate in some public areas at different times. The ship is beautiful and everyone in our party of seven was impressed by the food and service. Again, our cruise was ruined for reasons not related to the ship but certainly took away from our ability to fully enjoy our vacation. Certainly would cruise her again with only concern the A/C. I'll try to write a review but right now would sooner forget this trip. I'll answer questions if I can.

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  3. Chauncey

    Chauncey Guest

    Just to confirm, the formal nights are still Monday and Wednesday?
  4. marye

    marye Guest

    Formal nites were Sunday and Thursday for this Eastern Itinerary. Also have to agree with Roger about the A/C it was very spotty. ("Pitchy" if your an American Idol fan.) When it worked, it was good, but they are definately having issues with it. Mostly the public areas in my experience. Our cabin was ok by the second nite, I usually account for the first warm day because of all of the boarding and balcony cabin doors open. But far into the cruise, it would be uncomfortably warm in large, crowded areas - hopefully they are working on it..
  5. vjj5712

    vjj5712 Guest

    Marye, would you please let me know which dining room were you in and did you make any reservations? How many were in your party? Thanks

    Roger, sorry you had such a lousy cabin. May I ask which cabin you were in?
  6. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    We had Baja 756. It wasn't terrible just noisy. You could get use to the noise but had to raise your boice to be heard.
  7. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Ok Now I`m nervous again. Sorry to haer that you had a horrible time. Would like to know why. I`m new to princess cruise line and wasn`t sure if I would cruise again after cruising HAL Ms Maasdam. I wrote a topic new to princess and just when I think it might be ok........something pops up. Would love to hear more feedback.

    Thank You,
  8. Majj4

    Majj4 Guest

    Marye -- Is there an area of the Horizon Court/Caribe Cafe that is outdoors? In looking at the deck plans I can't tell. On other ships we have loved taking our breakfast out on the deck, usually overlooking the pool. Hope we'll be able to do this on the Caribbean. Thanks for your help.
  9. JacquieP

    JacquieP Guest

    One of myu bosses was with you and he loved it, however, harsh reality keeps hitting him in the face today, so he is pouting.
  10. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    The ship is fine I had a bad time for other reasons. You can bring your food to outdoor areas just aft of Caribe cafe and forward of the Horizon.
  11. obe1

    obe1 Guest

    We are booked on Caribbean Princess October 30 and we are staying in cabin
    B756! Can you please tell me why the cabin was noisy? Just wondering.


    Rose :)
  12. rogerpl

    rogerpl Guest

    Look at a diagram of the ship and you will see a space between b756 and b757. This is a large air vent which constatly runs. It is noisy like a large air conditioner. The noise is on the balcony and makes conversation a bit difficult.
  13. obe1

    obe1 Guest

    Thanks for the info. I did wonder what that open space was used for.

    Rose :)
  14. Ritmo

    Ritmo Guest

    Hi marye:)
    How is the Paddle Tennis court schedule? Can anyone play? at what time?
    How is the life music by the pool? and at night?
    I'm a heavy smoker. How's the policy there?
    How is the back terrace pool? is there a bar beside? and the Morgan's bar?
    By the brochure's deck plans one doesn't have a clear idea of how are things there...
    Thank you,
  15. lisa0727

    lisa0727 Guest

    Do I need a Passport for the Eastern Caribbean, I take off in 10 days and do not have one....
  16. marye

    marye Guest

    Ok, heres what I know. Roger has already answered the question about the back area by Horizon/Caribe. It is there, with a bar-like seating viewing the wake, and a handful of tables.

    The pool band, Deep Blue and the other pool entertainer, Robert Smith are the best I have head since the band, "Heatwave"years ago. Professional, in tune and played a long time. A real treat.

    Saw the paddle tennis, don't know the hours of play, don't smoke so don't know the details of the smoking rules, but one side of the ship is smoke free outside and the other side has ashtrays. On our sailing there were nothing but courteous smokers, so I was not affected at anytime- thats why I didn't take notice of details.

    There is a bar out back on the top deck and I think one hot tub.

    As for the passport question, no you don't need one, but seriously consider getting one before your next cruise. Makes everything easier including flying. A lot of people think it is expensive. While depending on your personal budget, it may not be dirt cheap, a lot of people would spend that money on a nite out without blinking. Mine was $75 (I paid to rush it 8 years ago) and spread out over ten years it is $7.50 per year.

    Your photo ID drivers or non-drivers liscense and an official raised seal birth certificate will suffice. Check with your cruise line's 1 800 number. They are the best source of what they require.

    Don't worry each little remark that people make. Remember we help each other here, and some of the comments are just that, so you are not disappointed. Almost everything went right. Some of the issures are growing pains and change from cruise to cruise. My brother sailed her on the first Eastern cruise a few weeks ago. When he and I compared notes we recognized a lot of improvements in just 2 weeks.
    Have a wonderful cruise, she is a beauty. Roger and I (Roger, I hope you don't mind me speaking for you, but you have written this yourself) didn't have bad times on this cruise. Roger even wrote that he would cruise her again. So would I. Please relax and have the best time ever. Princess has a great product.
  17. Terispist2

    Terispist2 Guest

    Thank You for the advise................I`m So looking forward to it can hardly wait. Wish it was time to go. I realize that we all have personal likes and dislikes. Thats why we should all experience it for our selves. Hoping to hear more great reviews. I do have a question........about cabins? I`m confirmed for D322 would like to know if this is a good location and if these cabins are nice? One more ?.......what about the balconies for these cabins.....are they a nice size and are they privite?

    Thank You,
  18. Ritmo

    Ritmo Guest

    Thanks, marye :))
  19. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    I was on the Caribbean Princess for her second sailing. We loved it - didn't notice anything that was SOOOO wrong that it dampened our sailing.

    Terispit2: you are on the dolphin deck and your balcony is not private because you do not have a balcony directly over you. Your balcony juts out beyond where the Caribe deck (one above) balconies end.
  20. lisa0727

    lisa0727 Guest

    What was the weather like? I am on the June 5th sailing and I'm nervous about rain!

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