OK, narrowed it down...will this cruise be ok for us?

Been planning an Alaskan cruise for myself, Mom, and Grandma, and the TA came back today with a cruise that meets most of our criteria. Unfortunately it's not on HAL like we had hoped, rather it's on a Celebrity cruise instead, on The Infinity.

So, considering we were hoping for HAL, will this Celebrity cruise be comparable and appropriate for my 86 yo Grandmother who has some Parkinson's complications? It looks like we've been able to secure a handicap room until this Thurs.

And more specifically, on the room...our TA is quoting us for the handicap room number 7143 2A, which has a balcony as requested. Because all three of us will be staying there I was hoping for something around 300 sq ft. But with a price of $4100 for all three of us I'm imagining that this room may be a bit small. And for some reason I can't find specifics on this room from Celebrity's website. So, I'm wondering if anyone here has access possibly to information on how big this room is? I had told my TA our budget for the room was $5500 and really I was hoping for something like a deluxe veranda.

Thanks for all your help!
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Hi, and welcome.

It looks like the cabin is 170 or 180 square feet. The balcony is 38.

I wish you luck. I take it your TA did not explore HAL?


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I have never sailed on Celebrity -- so can not compare the 2.

Have only sailed on HAL in recent years.

Just curious as to why your TA did not check out HAL -- especially the Vista class ships which have very nice handicapped cabins.

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Welcome to Cruise Addicts!

If you want more room - maybe two adjoining cabins?

If you T/A is NOT exploring what you want - then check with somone else.

I sailed Carnival Spirit to Alaksa in 2000 and loved it.

Please check back and ask more questions if needed.

Good Luck!


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Welcome to Cruise @ddicts!

Around what date do you wish to sail? Do you want to sail from Seattle or Vancouver. So you want 7 days round-trip (Inside Passage) versus a one-way Voyage of the Glaciers to or from the Anchorage area? I'm guessing the Inside Passage will be an easier trip for you... Have you, or someone in your group cruised with HAL before?

Sorry for all the questions, but if you can answer them, we should be able to come up with suggestions that may be of help.