OK This time it is 2Tall



Judy I just got on board and read all you've been going thru. I just wish I could be there for you but know there are lots of good thoughts and prayers from here.


Judy, I don't know how you do it.
Prayer's & good thought's are on the way to you & 2 Tall from MN.


BostonsJ and 2Tall = =hug =hug My thoughts are with you both and wish 2Tall and speedy recovery. :daisy

H2O babe

BJ - I'm sorry to hear about Mike but I'm glad he did get himself to the hospital and that they were able to put the stent in before things got worse. My ex-husband had a heart attack at 38. He looked at me and said, "I think I'm having a heart attack." He had to have 2 stents put in and his dr. told him to quit smoking, change his diet and start exercising or he'd have another one. I hope Mike makes a speedy recovery and that he can make some life changes. Best wishes to you both. I'll be thinking of you.



Bj was so sorry to read this abt Mike guess never got to Safe Harbor yesterday. Mike sounds so much like Paw and his reactions it is not funny. They could not believe at hospital how muach he tried to do. No slowing down. He too is so frustrated at times and embarassed because he can help nd do some of things he has always done. Sometimes I think when I fall it just kills him to call rescue squad he thinks he should be able to get me up by himself. Wish Paw lived nearer so he could come trade jokes with Mike give them both something else to think abt other than the work. Hang in their girl yu realy are splowing a tiugh row last low. Hugs


Oh my goodness BJ, I have just read everything. I am so glad that 2Tall got to the hospital. My dh had 2 heart attacks (he didn't tell me about the first 1 in 1999 because he didn't think it was a heart attack). Then he had a problem a year later on a Friday in a kroger store. He told me about that one and he seemed fine on the weekend but I told him that if he didn't call the dr. on monday then I would. He went and he was in the hospital that day and had triple bypass surgery a week later.

I hope that 2Tall does what he is supposed to do and slowly gets his strength back. My dh is really pretty stupid because he is still smoking to this day. He also has been thru kidney failure and he is now on peritoneal dialysis. I know where you are coming from having a hard headed man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care of yourself.



Pitch the cigarettes, too. He can't get that oxygen situation where it needs to be if he's smoking, and he doesn't know it, but he's going to have LOTS of lifestyle changes in the weeks, months, and years ahead. None of them are easy for those guys, but if they want to live, it's necessary. Leon had the slow heart issues, also, and had to have several dosage changes. He's almost three years out now, and is still having changes as he has made headway in his exercise program, diet modifications, etc., but it has all been for the best. Please take time to take care of yourself!


Hey Judy, glad they were able to intervene when they did. Mike will NOT appreciate the ORDER to give up regular coffee (caffine) or the ciggies. I'm still wrestling with these issues myself. But the very toughest new routine to get used to is to change my Type A personality and stop worrying about all the little things. Delegating is a very hard task to learn.
Judy, I have a 'memory foam' pad on my bed and it sure helps releive the pressure when I spend so much time laying down. Money well spent, that's for sure. You are in my prayers lady.

Hugs, Mari


Hey all. Well Mike had kind of a rough night. After the phone call woke him up he had trouble getting into a good sleep. But he did rest. His heart was racing and he was having some breathing issues last night. I really think that one lung may not have been perfused properly. This morning he woke up somewhat better but still not so great.

By noon after a nice long shower and being up a bit he looked at me and said you know I could really go for a deluxe carnita with half hot and half medium green chilli. So I went to a place he loves here and got it for him. He ate it all every bit and said it seemed to clean out and open up all of his sinus etc. And it was so strange he seemed to turn around to be less anxious. LOL

Anyway he is doing pretty well. Now he is just tired. Hasn't had a cigg since Wednesday Afternoon so he is doing well with that. Only drank 2 cups of coffee today instead of 6 and he is not whining. That's about it. He seems much better tonight so I'm hoping he is on the road.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Maybe tonight I will crash! LOL


It sounds like he has turned the corner! Hope that he can quit the cigs. I quit 16 years ago and feel much better for it. Can you remove all the ash trays from the house and make your house a no smoking zone?

Prayers that his recovery continues on the right road. And prayers continue for your Dad too.



Judy, I am just reading this for the first time. Best wishes to 2Tall... and big hugs to you with all you have going on.

About five years ago, my MIL had a heart attack. She was out with my FIL, she was doing the driving, and told him she didn't feel well. She pulled a pamphlet on heart attacks out of her purse, verbally went through the checklist, determined she was having one, and drove herself to the hospital! DH and I were actually talking about that this morning - I don't know what prompted our conversation!

Prayers continue for your Dad, too.


I am glad that Mike is doing better David had both of his heard attracts from smoking and after the second one he stopped for good he still has health issuers but gets good reports from the doctor about his heart. Tell Mike to take it easy we are all pulling for him. Hugs to you also.

Cruise cutie

=hug..well since I KNOW for a fact inside your Home is a Smoke free zone for BOTH of you.. it's not an issue there. BUT at least he has persevered, and not smoked since.. and MR Coffee King down to 2 whole cups..Whoo HOO..
and I pray you did get to crash.. tell Mr Grumpo.. that I am so proud he is keeping it up.. and just take it one day at a time.
and I am still like you thinking that lung was not fully set before he went AMA for release..:(..we both know he should have stayed in house at least ONE MORE day!!
...sigh..... I'll be in touch later.. =love Joanne and Mark..


Ah-h-h-h Judy and Mike...you have certainly been having a rough time. I pray Mike's strength returns soon (he'll need it if CC ever come to visit! lol) What a scary time for the both of you. Why is it we always want to ignore something that says we need to go see a doctor. For so many it is human nature. I am glad he was able to get help and is on the way to recovery. May God grant him and you patience as he heals. Take care of yourself in all of this BJ!!



Ahoy There BJ! Only just got alerted to this from Mariposa.

Mike ... what the *ell were you thinking? Were you thinking? Know you're a strong, 'I can take care of myself' type, but ... come on. Let's get real. It's been a pretty good lifetime, but now it's time to work with BJ and your doctors ... If you want that life to continue. Yeah, we all know you're a proud person (spell that 'stubborn'), so let's use that stubbornness to maintain your lives. Yeah, 'your lives'. Yours and BJs. You think that if yours ends, hers won't? You've proven that you have the ability to accomplish what you decide to. So, decide to live.

NO MORE cigarettes!
NO MORE caffeine!
NO MORE total independence!

MORE life
MORE quality of that life
MORE time together

What would you demand of BJ if the roles were reversed? Yeah, so apply those demands to yourself!

God love ya. Stick around. OK?