I am a single Mom of 2 young daughters..
I am going to take a cruise next summer... My girls will be 4 1/2 and 9 1/2 by then....
I am very tossed over 2 choices...
I LOVE NY, and there is a 5 night cruise on Carnival I can get for only $1500 for all 3 of us ($300 per night) and if we go on that one, I'd fly in 2 days early and see the NY sights and go to a Broadway play (lion king) with the gilrs, prior to the cruise.. The cruise goes to Canada, been to both destinations and could care less about Canada LOL
But the cruise is the vacation, the destination is just a bonus...
OR, there is an Alaska cruise for 7 nights all of us can go on for $2100 (also $300 per night).
I have always wanted to do an Alaska cruise...
So it's about the same money, would probably spend more on the NY one, considering my hotel in NY is a $450 bucks..
The NY cruise is on Carnival
The Alaska Crusie is on Norwegian
So.. Who's been to both places?? Opinions on which is more kid/ single Mom friendly?

+ and -'s
Carnival is 185 sq ft rooms
and it's kids club offers sitting till 3am
However, the flights for me to get to NY for the carnival cruise is very much a pain in my heiney

Norwegian room is only 133/145 sq ft
kids club only open till 1am
Flying for me is a breese and wouldn't have to stay in one night ahead...

Any opinions on both destinations, being kid friendly or not, quality of either ships or service by both Carnival or Norweigan... which is better etc..
Will be my 2nd cruise, but I have never sailed on either of these 2 lines..


Don Clark

An Alaskan cruise is a great summer cruise.
Canadian cruises are better during the fall.

Your kids are much too small to remember this vacation.
If you're cruising for their benfit, wait until they are both six years old.


I was on the Dream this summer to Alaska and there were a lot of kids on board. One of the other passengers brought his 9 year old daughter; she hooked up with another girl her age and they had a ball, both with the Kids' Club and without. The younger kids I saw with the Kids' Club all seemed to have a great time, as well. I've traveled a lot, although Alaska was my first cruise, and can say Alaska is one of the most beautiful/peaceful/incredible places I've ever been. I'd vote for Alaska, especially since you have been to the ports in Canada already.

Either way, enjoy your vacation!


If it were me I would do Alaska. As Don said, the kids might be a bit young for cruising, but they would certainly enjoy a cruise more than NYC at these ages. this isn't to say they won't enjoy the entire experience, but they will not remember the sights of NY I can almost bet. Comparing the 3am child care to 1am shouldn't even be a concern. I am sure you will be ready to call it a night by 1am.

The best feature offered by Carnival, in my estimation, is the cabin size, they have the largest at sea. Both lines offer very good kids programs.

Whatever you decide have a wonderful time with the girls. BTW, I am not knocking cruising with kids, I hope you don't take it that way, I just think you should realize that your younger daughter will have fun, but not remember much of the trip. Regardless everyone will have a new adventure and I think Alaska is a better choice with children.



Carnival out of NY will be much more wilder and louder than the Alaskan cruise with Norwegian :)

Je m'en fous de tout

beart72: Haven't been to Alaska yet (doing that one in August 2006), but have been through NYC both as an adult and as a kid (many, many moons ago). I have to say that I disagree with those who say that your kids will not remember the trip(s)..... I was only 5 when my parent took us down to NYC, but I still remember many of the highlights to this day --- actually, I can remember some of "those" events more clearly than the events of yesterday (probably early-onset Alzheimers or something).

Either trip is viable since you will be spending time with your children, and your children will be spending time with you, but in a different, exciting, out-of-the-norm setting. What a great bonding time for all of you. The only thing, if I may, that you don't want to do is project your own bias of the trip onto your children (e.g. "been to both destinations and could care less about Canada...."). They will pick up on it. While NYC and Canada may be old-hat for you, it's a brand new experience for them.

Back in my day, car trips were the vacation pass-time rage, (ya know... Route 66 and all that), and my most vivid, and best, childhood memories come from having shared time with my parents, just travelling around the country. Don't have either pictures or my parents any more, but I do have the memories....

American Discount Cruises

I've traveled quite a bit, and I have to say that out of all the places I've been to, I most enjoyed my cruise to Alaska. It was a REALLY great experience, one that I'll never forget. It was really interestiing, to take in all of the wildlife the area has to offer...I went on a tour bus that went up and down all of the beautiful mountains throughout Skagway and Juneau. We also took a helicopter ride and landed on top of a glacier- definitely one of the best experiences in my life! I'll never forget that trip and I definitely recommend it!!


I vote for the NYC/Canada cruise if I'm a kid. Think about it, 7 days in Alaska, where all you see is sea and mountains and an ocassional whale in the far distance. Since you as you said, the cruise itself is the vacation, hardly the ports.
Tonnes of things to do in the summer in NYC for kids. The Carnival as I was told is more of a Party Ship as well. Lots more fun especially for the kids.

Don Clark

I disagree. There's a difference between 4-1/2 and 5 years of age.
There's a reason why kindergarden doesn't start until they are 5 years old.

I'll admit I remember family vacations when I was 5 years of age, but I don't remember a single thing when I was 4, or 4-1/2.


I would vote for the Carnival NYC. cruise. I think it will fit with the children better, both because Carnival is more kid friendly and because 7 day's on a cruise can be a little long for small children.If you get aboard and they don't like it 5 day's would be better than 7. JMHO. Viet


Where do you live? If you live on the east coast then New York would be a better option, If you live on the west coast, do the Alaska cruise. If you are doing it for your kids do the Disney cruise. My guess you will do the NY cruise whereever you live and the kids will just tag along.



No matter which itinerary you choose you'll find that the kids programs are terrific. There should be many kids on board for your kids to meet with. The kids will be sorted by age groups so they'll be doing age appropriate events.

My son was 8 when we first sailed Alaska and he loved every minute of it. There are arcades, shuffleboard, basketball, swimming, slumber parties, pizza parties, and on and on.

Although we weren't involved with the younger kids we did see them about the ship and in the kids area and they were having tons of fun too.